Lincoln University-Jefferson City Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person who should attend Lincoln University is a person who is more family oriented. Here at lincoln Everyone knows or have seen each other because its a very small school. If you need that one on one time with your teachers or just need to be alone this is the place for you.


Anyone interested in receiving a quality eduaction and looking to be very successful after attending this university.


Anyone could really attend my college. I would say it is easier to make freinds with people if you are outgoing. Most people who goes to Lincoln are really nice, but you can not be afraid to interact with them because people here will not talk to you unless they feel you are friendly and want to talk to them.


Everyone and anyone can come to this school and thrive, especially with the open enrollment policy. The only problem is the somewhat segragated atmosphere. Since the school is a HBCU, the Caucasian students seem a little more distant. You do not often see any Caucasians at any school sponsored social events.


A person that i feel should attend this school is someone who is very dedicated in furthering their education. The work here is a chaneglle i must say. Yes they professors will help advise you just a tab bit the student must still be very focused. Also a person who loves being around other ethinicities. There are African Americans, Jamacians, Whites, and foriegn students that attend this school. Lastly a person who loves going to a dawntown area shold because this is the state capital of MO and there is alot of history in this city.


People who are looking for a small campus should attend. Also students who are seeking a Historicaly Black College may also see Lincoln as a good place to be.


An African American who is not sure what school they want to go to.


Anyone can attend Lincoln University if they prefer a school that doesn't have a big class size, small population and not a real busy school.

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