Lincoln University-Lincoln University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are group oriented.


My classmates are profound and willing to assist a colleague in need.


My classmate at Lincoln University are unsure teenages in the process of becoming acomplished young adults.


Lincoln University is a HBCU or a ,majority African American school so it is not to much diversity, but recently there has been a rise in Caucasian and Hispanic Americans at our school. Although our school is not that diverse people still are very opening to other races here. People sometimes bond over where they are from, because they either knew each other before they got here. There are not to many rich people at our institution or poor everyone here is mainly middle class. A lot of conversation on campus is people's future once we get out Lincoln University. Majority of students here are from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. If there are four tables in the cafe the tables will be a mixture of people the sports teams tend to sit together, but they have friends who are not on sports teams so its a mixture.


My classmates are both interesting and challenging, they're great classmates, helpful, enthusiastic and a lot of fun.


Many of my classmates are cool people to be around. Others tend to come off a little strong with their personalities, especially since most of them are from the area. I believe that i can enjoy being around my classmates better than in high school. I think I'll find LU of PA an intersting place to be. Though i do have a feeling i will get a northern accent like the rest of them.


My classmates are down to earth, and are willing to help one another.


My classmates consist of a few supporters that I can count on, and others who are more focused on themselves that would just be a distraction to me, and I would also describe my classmates as the different people I will encounter when I leave school.


My classmates are filled with potential, but little motivation.


My classmates are funny, unisque, interesting, and inspirational.