Lincoln University-Lincoln University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The Lincoln University is known for the prestigous involvement with its almuni. There is a never ending chain that bridges the gap between the those that have charted the course and thos that are on the course to obtain a degree. There is also great networking opportunity which will provide graduates will jobs after the completion of the undergraduate degree.


Academics and the Concert Choir that i am apart of


Diversity in extra-curricular activities Business Department Church services School Spirit


My school is known for being the first HBCU (Historically Black College/University). There is a lot of history behind Lincoln and some very prestigious people attended the University as well.


Lincoln University of Pennsylvania was the first HBCU in the world in 1854. It is known for allowing more then 500 african american to further their education and successfully graduating from this historic university.


my school is known for its legacy: to graduate students to become leaders it is also known for the teachers knowing and caring for their students


My school is best known for being the first Historically black college in the nation. Lincoln University takes great pride in being the first and it is often displayed on this campus.


The first HBCU


Fashion shows, fraternities/sororities, communication dept, track team 1st HBCU, name