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What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love my football program, and the professors at my school. We mite not be the best but we love competing. But when it comes to helping a student to succeed lincoln will not help you at all. Just like every school college is a business. Im a senior and i could walk because of a balance i owed that was not my fault. So now im working and trying to find a way back in school.


The best thing about Lincoln University is that it is a small school so the relationships that a student gains with their teacher is personal, therefore no matter what goes on the educational department is very hands on and makes it easier to get a better understanding. What I would change about the school is maybe the requirements to get in. Although our school may not be Ivy league it should not be treated as any less and not just anyone should be allowed to get in. Lincoln University can sometimes seem to small but with the renovations at the school it should make the school seem more spacious so at this point I would consider it too small but progressing to get bigger. Whenever I tell people I go here they first ask me where is it at, but once I explain it they all say oh the school that Vanessa went to on the Cosby show. I spend most of my time between our gym and our new library. What college town our school is in the middle of no where. The school's administration is not the worse but their not the best either a few adjustments are being made at the moment seeing as how we officially have a new president. The biggest recent controversy on our campus was in early November this year the death of one our students..three students were in a brutal car accident leaving one dead, one in critical condition, and another injured. Things have gotten better since then though. The school did not have much pride when I got there but since being here for a year and joining different organizations you see the pride a lot more. There are many experiences I have at this school to just narrow down one. The most frequent complaints at our school has been the food and the heat.