Lincoln University-Lincoln University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that is not dedicated to their studies. A person who does not truly like the African-American community, becuase this is indeed a Historically Black University. A person who does not enjoy fellowship and friendliness. A person who does not know how to survive against adversity and trying times and environments.


A person that is not serious about school should not attend Lincoln University. I feel often when a person is younger they do not take school seriously. Therefore, they should wait to go to college when they are sure that will apply themselves to the best of their ability.


I think if you are someone who have not been open to other cultures then this is not the school for you. This school is a melting pot and we appreciate one another and we are a large minority body University . Lincoln University is rich in history for people who do not care about history then they will not like my school. Lincoln University is the first historical Black University a great mild stone, some of the biggest names came from here such as Thurgood Marshall.


A person whom like social activity as well as great academics. .


A person who is used to being around or meeting diverse people.


anyone could, maybe someone who values a school's rep


someone who is not ready to be on there own and easily influenced.