Linfield College-McMinnville Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who really craves that "city" atmosphere -- Linfield College is in McMinnville, Oregon and it's pretty centrally located. It's an hour away from Downtown Portland, and hour away from the coast and some great beaches, only two hours to the mountain if you're into skiing... But McMinnville is a small town, and Linfield is a big part of the community. There are some great places to go on Third Street, and even though everyone jokes about the sidewalks rolling in early in the evenings, there is alot happening in this community.


Students who are looking for a large college atmosphere should not attend Linfield. Those who also want to be able to slide by in classes by not attending will definitely be noticed by professors, and be given grades accordingly. It is a very personal experience, and those who simply want to party away their college careers will not flourish there.


A person that does not take education seriously because at Linfield, that is what it is all about. Since you pay a large amount to attend, you better be taking it serious or else you are throwing your money away. School is very important here and it takes dedication.


Students who prefer a large campus in a big city would not like Linfield College. With the average class size being 30 students, there is a lot of teacher-student communication. If a student does not like small classes, they would not like Linfield. Linfield College is also a NCAA Division III varsity athletic program, so they do not offer athletic scholarships. Linfield is a strong community where there are many opportunities to meet people, so if a person likes being in the shadows, they would not like this small liberal arts college.


You shouldn't attend this school if you're not excited about learning and okay with stepping outside your comfort zone once in a while. Linfield is definitely a school that is focused on learning, and some of my best experiences have been when I allowed myself to try something new.


Big time party person or someone who does not take going to class and putting a lot of time and effort in seriously, their life would be very hard here.


A person who is looking for a large party scene or easy access to weekend entertainment should not attend this school. The city is only accessible if you have a car, and there are only a small number of franternities and sororities on campus.


If a challenging class curriculum is not in your agenda, Linfield may not be the best choice. Linfield takes its academic quality seriously and strives to prepare its students not only for graduate school, but for life after college. There are many opportunities to be entertained on campus, but responsibility in recieving a great education is a characteristic professors at Linfield show. Professors at Linfield do not want to see students fail, and they will push and encourage their student, but they will not accept students who show no passion in learning.


The school has a definite "preppy" feel about it and it's mostly white. That doesn't mean anyone shouldn't attend, but the social environment may discourage some people. It definitely took me awhile to get used to, as I grew up pretty poor and in a very diverse environment. I think there's a place for just about everyone, though. If you're the kind of person who likes to hide in the back of a giant lecture hall, you're out of luck. The classes are small and the professors know everyone, which I personally love.


The only kind of person who might not like Linfield College is someone who prefers a "big city" environment.


Someone who is closeminded, or does not like close people interactions should not attend this school.


Someone who's looking for a big college experience and a busy campus. We're a good liberal arts school and we have a Greek system, but it's nothing compared to the big state schools. Also someone who's looking to slide through college. Definitely not the place for them.


A person who is extremely introverted or is looking forward to the typically-seen, cliche version of college where students are crammed into one room listening to lectures from professors and expected to succeed. That situation does not exist at Linfield. The classes have a nice student-teacher ratio and professors are accessible, not calous and unfriendly.


The Kind of person who feels jealous of people with money. You can get yourself in a lot of trouble by putting yourself down based on what other people have. There are some very well off people at Linfield. You need to be able to cope with that.


I would say that those who shouldn't attend this school are those who would consider themsevles 'different' and do care what other people think about them. This is a really small school and so people know other peoples business and talk about everyone who is different,


Someone who is over small high school like drama.


People who have been home-schooled up to this point, its to big a transition. Big drinks also shouldn't bother.


A person who is looking for a large party type school, or one who isn't willing to apply themselves academically.


People who are very much into urban life, should not attend Linfield. The school and town, is more aimed at "outdoorsy" oriented people rather than those preferring the fast paced living of city life. If you're a shopper, clubber, or other urbanite, than Linfield is not the school for you.


Someone that shouldn't come to Linfield is someone who doesn't work. I have seen some of my friends flunk classes because they are too lazy to sit down and write an essay. If you do your work you will be fine. Don't bother coming if you plan on being lazy the whole way through.


Any type, it accommadates for all types!