Linfield College-McMinnville Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Individuality is by far one of the best things about Linfield. It's a close-knit community that makes it easier to feel welcomed to express yourself and do your own thing. Most professors are supportive and encouraging, as well as fellow students. I thought the students here were an odd bunch my first month here, but if you struggle to find that niche you feel most comfortable in, it's bound to come to you when you least expect it at Linfield.


Having a small campus means that classes are not that far apart from one another. This makes it easer as a student to sleep longer and still get to class on time. One time I woke up three minutes before class and still made it on time. It was stressful but I and recieved the perfect amount of sleep, which is hard in college.


Passionate teachers. All of the professors at Linfield demonstrate a strong desire fo the students to succeed and put forth maximum effort into their teaching techniques.


The professors and staff members are highly invested in students. Students really are the primary focus of the school. It's easy to find your niche if you don't mind putting in a little effort and talk to professors. There are lots of groups on campus in which to make friends and lots of opportunities to get involved. It's a great place to be if you want to create deep connections and get involved.


The small class sizes and personalized learning experience has really helped me delve deep into the topics I'm most interested in. If I have questions, I can get them answered easily. I build a relationship with the professors I have and with my peers.


the small classes, the accessibility of the professors, professors are passionate about what the teach, the campus is very beautifully kept, the college has many avaiable resources to help students with different issues they might have, the college awards and gives out many scholarships to students


I think that the best thing about my college is the overall atmosphere around campus. People are very friendly, open, and welcoming. I felt at home and comfortable from the get-go, and have really enjoyed my experience ever since I showed up on campus the first day of my freshman year. The professors really challenge you to work hard and to enjoy learning new things, and there is an overall desire in the students to do well and succeed.


What I consider the best thing about Linfield College the individual help we recieve from our professors. Linfield is a smaller campus with a smaller student community which we have the ability to get more one-on-one or personal help from our professors. I believe this is important because your questions are always answered and you obtain a full understanding of the matierial you are learning.


The best thing about Linfield is that it has small class sizes and the teachers care about a student's success.


What stands out the most to me about Linfield is the staff. The professors are absolutely amazing and contribute so much to an enriching education. If you're having any kind of trouble either with their class, department or really anything, they go out of their way to help you or make things easier. My best advice would be to not be intimidated because they can be both your best asset and hope for success.


The best part about Linfield is the classes. The majority of the classes have 30 or fewer students. There are only a few that are large (60+). This lets you really get to know your Professors (who are all full professors - no student teachers). It helps you learn because they can give you so much attention.


The best thing about Linfield College is the opportunity they allow every one of the students to go abroad. They offer month long, semester long and year long abroad programs, and are very enthusiastic about exposing their students to other languages and cultures. Also, they pay for at least one round-trip ticket to go abroad, and another if you major or minor in a language. The flexibility of diversity of their abroad programs was a huge factor in making Linfield my first and final choice.


The best thing is the small class size, and also the faculty-student interactions. It allows for a better learning experience when students and faculty can be one-on-one, and in a small class setting.


Extremely accepting environment for people who are different no matter what religion, race, culture, sexual orientation, financial background you are, you will feel welcome here and more than likely there is a club or two about the matter.


The professors. They are ALWAYS helpful and interested in talking with you.


The connection between the students and faculty. Every year the theatre professors have dinner at their house for all of the new and returning students. I have seen the theatre faculty frequently go out on a limb for theatre students to help them land a job or internship.


The best thing about my school is the athletics. Linfield has a very rich tradition in sports and it is awesome to be a part of it. I play basketball and our home crowd is great. We have a very nice gym for our level and our students contribute to that. A lot of people from the city come to our games so they are packed and loud. It is also fun to watch our football team, who traditionally has been one of the best teams for division three in the nation over the past few decades.