Lipscomb University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Very friendly people, however once you get to now them they aren't the "Holy Christian" they pretend to be. Of course there are some exceptions.


My classmates were very diverse and full of different experiences ready to offer help to their peers.


Classmates are people seeking a lot of the same goals you are and are willing to help you get there.


I think there is everything you would/could find at any other school. There is actually a high degree of religous tolerence given that the school has a large population of non-christians (relative to geography and that it is a Christian school).


My fellow Lipscomb students are from all over. The best part about Lipscomb students is how involved they are! The student activity is fun and frequent!


The majority of the student body consist of overly sheltered children. They may be 21 but they are operating on a 12 year old mental level. There are some real students here but they are far and few between.


My classmates are very diverse; there are a lot of people from Tennessee, but that doesn't mean they are all alike in the way they act and the things they like.


Most of the students are religious and are very caring. Mission trips are big. A lot of the students have money, but are usually very down to earth. Everyone knows everyone and there are all types of people from preps to hipsters. A lot of the students are very environmentally conscious


I had a hard time getting used them, because they are so different from my close group of high school friends that I grew up with.


The student body is mostly white. Any minorities are on sports teams;the others are to help fill the minority quota mandated by the government, in which Lipscomb is constantly behind.


Most of the classmates in my smaller classes are caring, and hard-working. In some of my larger classes, I'm not sure. But mostly all of the students are friendly and approachable.


Kind, and willing to share notes, thoughts, and beliefs.


My classmates are quite in class. When is time for class discussion, they are very engaging. Most of all they are civil.


There's a little of everything here. A lot of the students are very musically inclined, Nashville being Music City, there is a lot of musical interest. You have your hillbillies, your jocks, and your preppy girls, but I would say for the most part that the LIpscomb student body is made up of really solid people who want to meet new people. They love God, they love serving the community, and just having a good time.


My classmates are friendly, helpful, and enjoyable.


My classmates are too varied to describe in one sentence.


Overall, my classmates are respective of others around them.


All my classmates share mostly the same religious beliefs as well as political beliefs. They are also giving, caring people who are here to get a high quality christian education.

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