Lipscomb University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Lipscomb is known for its faith probably more than anything else. It also has very good nursing, engineering, pre-med, pre-pharmacy, conflict management, social work, and english programs.


Being the oldest Church of Christ school in the nation, hard workers, smart students, and the area (nashville)


Lipscomb University is best known for its Church of Christ background and its pre-medical courses, which are taught the same way as most of the top medical schools in the country.


I don't really know much of what my school is known for since a first time freshman, but I do know that it is known for its worship service. And when its game day the place is amazing.


Being Christian. Crappy thing to be known for, really.


It being Christian based, especially that it's Church of Christ. Lipscomb is the only Church of Christ college around this area.


In Nashville, it's known to shell out some good employees. Beyond Nashville, it's only known among its denominational affiliation with the Churches of Christ


church of christ religion


Lipscomb University is best known for its rigorous academic programs. The schools of engineering, business and its new school of pharmacy. Rigourous academia characterize the institution's desire to integrate Christian education, rigourous academic programs, and commitment to ethics.

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