Lipscomb University Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


I think that most students are wealthy is an accurate stereotype. It is a private school. It would be like going to a country club and expecting the members to be poor, there is a survivorship bias I suppose. I think that religion is a healthy aspect of the LU community. While many that went to Lipscomb previously had a much more invasive experience with regards to religion in a university setting; newer policies and practices have paved the way for a balance in religious outlets and collegiate freedom (much akin to Belmont, Pepperdine or TCU).


They are accurate for the most part. I have met a few that do not fit the mold but most of them have transferred. Those of us who stay usually do so because of the scholarship and its too late to transfer and graduate on time.


To an extent. The majority of the students are religious and have Christian morals, but once you get to know the underground Lipscomb scene, you realize the people are much more laid back than realized.


yeah, pretty much.

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