Lipscomb University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


I think the two primary stereotypes about the school is that the students are wealthy and that there is a forced aspect of religion in the community.


Lipscomb students are stuck up brats that come from money and buy their degree instead of earn it.


Everyone thinks the people at Lipscomb are very uptight and religious and have no fun. Since it is a private school, people think that everyone comes from rich families.


They are rich, snooty, brats who are in search for a degree with a "name." The degree opens doors and will give you connections through the prestige throughout the Churches of Christ. You will have a job when you graduate and make double compared to the person who graduated from public schools and had a higher GPA than you. For guys, that mate is a pretty girl who will be a trophy wife in all aspects. She will go against the "Christian" morals of the school to satisfy him, but will read the bible in front of his parents. She will have his children and be his wife, while he is allowed to cheat; it is this way because he makes the money. For girls, that means a husband who will leave you money as long as you make sure that dinner is cooked, the children are out of his face, and you are his personal concubine. You will have all the botox you will need and all the alcohol you want.

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