Lipscomb University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the people are really nice to you. the other best thing is the one on one conversations with the teacher because of small class sizes. you get the opportunity to get to know your professer.


The best thing about the school is the amount of space there is for studying and the computers available


At Lipscomb I have felt a amazing sense of community. Because of the small size, I have gained personal relationships with my professeurs. I have most of my Professeur's email and cell phone number. I believe my grades are a direct result of how personal my professeurs are. Also, the students who go to Lipscomb are peope who really want to be there. Causing the students to be friendly and influnecing.


I think the best thing about my school would be the fact that it is a religious school. I feel like Lipscomb has a lot to offer to its students and it is a school that disciplines its students. It offers growth and opportunity.


The best thing would be probably the emphasis on religion


The best thing about Lipscomb for me is that it is helping me to understand and strengthen my faith. I am a Christian and I want to continue to be a better one; through knowledge, devotional, and practice I will achieve that goal.


The small class size and inovlvement of the professors with the students. I graduated from a homeschool environment and the transition for me has been fantastic.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the Adult degree program. This allows older adults attending classes to be in classes with peers of the same age range.


My favorite part about Lipscomb University would have to be the on-campus environment. There's nothing like it; it's almost as if the campus itself is alive and charged with an atmosphere of friendliness, adventure, and joy.


As a music major, the music program is why I chose this school; the faculty are extremly knowledgable and helpful, and are willing to help whenever you need it.


The social atmosphere. It forces people to make friends.


I love all the friends I have and the support I have from them.


my friends


It is an environment that is conducive for studying and building healthy relations. It is a good place to be a quite studying influenced by positive people.


Combination of religious and career focus.


I think that the best thing about the school is the professors. I can't speak for every department, but for all of the classes I have taken, all of the teachers are very approachable and open to talk with you.


The Christian atmosphere is the best thing about Lipscomb. We are taught by Christian teachers and there is always a Christian element to our classes.


It is a really fun and small location.


Lipscomb is a small learning community that fosters personal academic and spiritual growth.


The friends that I make. At some universites, friends are just a second hand thing but at Lipscomb University, friendships are made that last a liftetime.


The best thing about my school is where it's located. Nashville has something for everyone. It gives you opportunity to grow and learn in many different enviroments. Lipscomb is less than a 20 minute drive to downtown which allows you to be in a smaller community or participate in the big city festivities. There is something going on where poeple can go and join in with friends.

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