Lock Haven University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The school was originally well known for it's Education program. However, I believe the Physician Assistant program deserves a mention here because they have been ranked within the top 25 in the US.


Lock Haven University is probably best known for having the ability to form good student teacher relationships. The class sizes are fairly small, which makes it easier to communicate with the professors. This makes it easier to follow along and understand the material, as most people feel more at ease in smaller groups. Also, the professors try to be available as possible. If for some reason you are not able to meet with them during the scheduled office hours, they work with you in order to make sure you get in to meet with them at another time.


Our school is known for it's teacher education programs.


I believe Lock Haven is best known for producing great teachers and education majors. The professors, courses, and experiences are all really tailored to helping you understand what you need to know to teach. You get lots of classroom experience before student teaching, so you can decide early on if teaching is the right path for you or not. The teacher education staff are very qualifed and skilled at preparing the next generation of teachers!


When Lock Haven University is being talked about by somebody that has not attended here, there are two things that are always the topic of the conversation. Years ago, the wrestling team was one of the top in the country and had been for a long time. Secondly, the school used to be a very prominent health and physical education school to attend. Therefore, the phrase "where the men are men and so are the women" comes up nearly every time that I am talking with someone older about my school.



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