Lock Haven University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


At my school there is an abundance of academic support and the students are so open and friendly so you never have to worry about having a hard time making friends. The tutors are well prepared and have a genuine understanding of students need. They provide fun interactive sessions and help you devise memorization strategies to apply to those big tests. Also Ive made many other friendships with upperclassman, international students, and my fellow peers. Theres just an open atmosphere in Lock Haven that brings people together.


Lock Haven University just upgraded their entire science department. They now have all new science labs which are state of the art. Having all new labs, classrooms, study rooms, and the professor's offices located all in the same building is extremely helpful.


When it comes to Lock Haven, the small class sizes make it a great school where you actually get the one-on-one attention you need to excel!


It's beautiful, unadulterated, clean, and colorful. The international community is fully integrated into the school. They paid me to study abroad on three different occasions. I did four independent studies and held a job in the monkey lab. I got two bachelor's degrees and often went to classes in the morning after camping on the mountain near my dormitory on warm nights.


I brag about how much I admire and respect my professors and how easy it is to reach them and how close I feel to them.


The one thing I love most about my university is the scenery. Lock Haven is set in the clean mountain air with the Susquehanna river venturing through the valley.


How amazing the professors are. They really motivated me. I also bragged about the Honors Program and how much experience I was gaining through the program. FInally, I bragged about not being distracted by much going on.


I am majoring in psychology and the professors are helpful and want you to succeed in life.


I tend to brag about how small the class sizes are and how it allows the professors to get to know me personally so that they might be able to help me better my education. I also brag about the small size of the campus.


When I talk about my school, I brag about having the in depth relationships with the teachers. I have the ability to seek out guidance at any point from a majority of my teachers whenever i reach an obstacle. Most schools have very large classrooms where the teacher never even learns your name. At my school, I enjoy the simple fact that some of my teachers will actually give me guidance outside of the classroom.


Most of my friends attend large state schools in Michigan and New York. They often talk about their large lecture halls and how their professors just see them as a number. I am very fortunate to go to a school that has smaller class rooms where I can ask professors questions without feeling like I am just another student. At Lock Haven I am not a number I am a name. I am very proud to be able to attend a school with smaller classes. I can have more interaction in class which benefits me academically.


I am not the bragging type, I just like to enjoy myself. I do not want to put anyone else down by being boastful all the time.


The professors! As with anything there are always exceptions, but for the majority the professors here are great. They care about you and really do want you to succeed. If you need help they are willing to take their time to sit down with you and work with you. Although I don't concider this a small school the professors still know all thier students by name which again shows how much they actually care.


It's cheap and the classes are small.


I mostly brag about how in tune the faculty is with the student body. A lot of our staff are past students who enjoyed being at Lock Haven so much that they just couldn't imagine life without it, so they became part of the top notch staff. I also brag about the quality of the students at my school, the upperclassmen are always helping out the underclassmen. I also brag about Lock Haven's size it is big enough for me to always meet someone i know but small enough that I always see a familiar face.


Since it's a small town school with a rather small population, it's really easy to make friends. When I converse with my hometown friends about my school, I usually talk about the social aspect of it and how easily one gets along with their peers. Everyone, including professors and faculty, are friendly and there are a lot of opportunities for students to meet new people.


How beautiful the area is and how great the professors are.


The fact that they are small class sizes and easy to move about the campus. I've always been a better learner in small classrooms where professors actually know me by name not by a number.

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