Lock Haven University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I believe the best thing about Lock Haven University is all the help that is provided. There's a tutoring center and the professors help whenever they can. The school even helps victims of rape and abuse. There are many opportunities for students to receive the kind of help they need.


Rural location, easy access to both town-like activities and a walk in the woods. The river is relaxing, stars and nature are in abundance. Class size is generally small, and most professors have an open-door policy. There's a monkey lab. Experiential learning is encouraged, tutoring and tutoring positions are available, and there are countless clubs and activities to participate in. The tuition is cheap for its quality, scholarships are ample, and I studied abroad three times (China, Brazil, France).


Lock Haven is a smaller school but you still get a great education. For me I do not like large schools. I feel lost at them, so Lock Haven is the perfect size for me. The country atmosphere is also wonderful.


The availibility of places for studying and socializing. There are plenty of places and buildings for students to go between classes. The recreation center (Gym), library, PUB (Student building) and the dining hall all provide great spaces for students to study, work out, relax or hang out with their friends.


I think the best thing about this school is the way the professors are their to help out whenever you need it.


The best thing about Lock Haven is it's teachers. Every teacher that I had last semester provided all the help they could and were very knowledgable in their area. Their teaching methods were easy, although they always challenged you to put forth the efffort.


The best thing about my school is the size. While the campus is not a large campus, it is big enough that there is always someone new to meet, but small enough to not get lost, and small enough to make friends easily. I also like the location in the mountains. It is beautiful in the fall and winter and not too hot in the summer and spring.


Lock Haven has a small-town feel with lots of awesome opportunties! I was able to interact with students all over the entire world that were participating in their foreign exchange program. The campus is small enough that the professors actually get to know you and you're more then just a "number". It also really prepared me well for my career as a high school teacher.


The town where it is located is so perfect for studying. It offeres few things to do, but to go to the clubs or shopping you only have to drive 45 minutes in either direction to get to Williamsport or State College. It sort of stinks when you are a freshmen with no car, but there are lots of parties and extra curricular activities to keep you involved no matter what you do in your free time outside of classes and studying. I don't think there is a single thing, its a culmination of things that make it great.


I believe that the best thing about this school is the amount of opportunites available for students to interact with each other and the faculty in order to provide a stronger and better experience of campus life both socially and academically.


I like how most classes are small and you have more one-on-one time with professors. You're not just a number in a crowd here by the second week of school the professors usually know your name and continue to call you by it when they see you on campus, even after you have taken their class(es).


The on campus environment is amazing, professors, staff and students say "hi " even if they do not know you. The area is just gorgeous, my favorites are spring and summer, during winter it is cold but the mountains around Lock Haven are painted white and in the fall you see ever color the trees can possibly change decorating the mountains!




I really enjoy the great Health and Physical Education program. It is very specific to what needs to be learned and prepared to teach in a public school. There are alot of lessons that include children participating in our classes as well as community involvement and experience.

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