Lone Star College System Top Questions

Describe how Lone Star College System looks to someone who's never seen it.


The Lone Star College System is a community college dedicated to opening doors to students for better oppurtunities in life.


North Harris Montgomery Community College District is a great college to attend. It is close to everything for me I am approx. 10 minutes from home, work, and my five children. It is very convient for me and I really like attending the night classes. The classes are very informative and comprehensive. Most of the professors that I have had have been very competent, knowledgable, and passionate about their fields of study. I am very pleased to be a student at North Harris Montgomery Community College.


A place for second chances and good starts.


NHMCCD is conviently located to any prospective student on the north side of Houston, with a small classroom environment.


The school has vast resources to go along with the high quality teachers.


Lonestar College Kingwood (formerly North Harris Community College District) has a clean, beautiful campus, and the classes, registration process, and financial process are all straight forward and simple to navigate.


Cyfair college provides real world experiences.