Lone Star College System Top Questions

Describe the students at Lone Star College System.


All shapes, sizes, ages, and races. ABsolutely diverse and aweome


Friendly, willing to work together. Helpful and motivated.




Lone Star is full of different ethnicity which makes it welcoming.


Having a wide variety of people attending the school means a polyglot of different personalities,races, beliefs, proclivities, attitudes, and insights. This helps give a world-spanning flavor to the knowledge you acquire here. The clothing you can encounter on any typical school day ranges from what appear to be pajamas up to full business dress suits. I feel a student that comes into this environment would have to work hard to feel unwelcome or out of place. One thing that most of the attendant students have in common is the need for affordable schooling, and this college system does it's best to fulfill that goal without sacrificing quality of knowledge.


Most of my classmates keep to themselves; everyone attending school here is really focused on learning more.


My classmates are a diverse group that differ greatly in ethnicity, background, age and educational goals.


My classmates are pretty much all down to earth people who are there to better their lives.


My senior class a was a diverse set characters, each had their own style and capabilities.


Some are bright and intelligent while others lack direction and dedication.