Lone Star College System Top Questions

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The Lone Star College System has multiple schools in the local area that I can attend while also going to work full time at a nine to five job. It also have very convenient day and night classes. The most valuable distinction is the low cost of tuition which enables myself to go back to school.


We have a fabulous theater on campus, with several shows a year.


As a second semester sophomore transferring from a major univeristy to a community college, I've seen what other schools have to offer. Montgomery College is close to home and doesn't cost a fortune like TexasA&M. It offers courses I need for my degree such as engineering and geology. While enrollment is high, I feel like my classes are intimate and the teachers actually care about our education, which is a completely different feel than I got at previous schools. I wish I had been told about this school was when I was initially applying for college.


It's close to my residence and very inexpensive.


The class size is a good size where techers are able to interact with students and also able to interact with them one on one to tend to there individual needs. Another reason that makes my school unique is the distance it is from my home. This makes it very convenient for me first with gas money and also i am able to go home on time in case of any emergency. Besides the school distance that atmosphere of the community college has a feel of a university which makes it diffrent from many other community colleges.


Lone Star College in Tomball is unique from other schools in its size. The small size provides for excellent interaction with teachers and other faculty members. Even though our campus is small, we have regularly scheduled activites that encourage socializing with other students. Many students know one another, and our teachers know each of their students by name.


At the school I'm attending, we have a writing and art maganize. This maganize is for students to submit their writings, art work, or photography. All the pieces are choosen by students on the staff, and to be on the staff , the student does not have to be majoring in art or english.


I am actually located at the Tomball campus, but all of the Lone Star College System school's offer many programs, and activities to get involved in. The teachers are laid back and are willing to go the extra mile, in order for you to recieve a good grade. Also, the campus is very nice and open, making it feel like a real college life, at a larger university.


Lonestar College Kingwood is by far the closest school to my home and work, and the online offerings are plentiful and flexible.