Lone Star College System Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Lone Star College System? Why?


I think this school is great in a lot of ways, but attending LSC is social suicide. There aren't many clubs, and the ones that do exist meet during regular class hours. Heck, regular class hours are the only time most people are on campus. Usually everyone's gone before 1pm. I can't count how many times I've introduced myself to someone and then never seen them around again. Everyone who goes here commutes and most people live with their family, so there's no dorm/apartment parties. Most people have family, church, or work obligations outside of class as well, so good luck getting someone with free time. The only plus side is that you won't feel out of place if you're a slightly older student like me. It feels like most people here are 22+.


The worst about my school at lone star north harris would be the cafe because their prices too high and no restuarantts across texas would charge twenty five cents for plastic spoon/fork to eat with meals


In my opinion, I do not consider anything in my school the worst. I love attending Lone Star, because it is a beautiful place to meet new outgoing people. Everyone there seems really friendly, and loving. Lone Star also provides great support to every student; the staff is very optimistic, and loves to help one become their greatest version. The staff (specially the advisors) have helped me choose the right courses for me, and for that I am really thankful. I recommend Lone Star to many peers, because it is a great community and it is full of adventure.


The worst thing about Lone Star is that the schools operate as separate branches rather than a cohesive unit. I qualified for a scholarship through the school but was unable to receive it because I took more hours at one specific campus than at the one the scholarship was offered at. I don't feel like Lone Star College System is in actuality one system, but rather a network of smaller independent schools.


I don't really have any bad words to describe my school. I really like everything about it. The one bad about my school is lack of good parking spaces. This semester Lone Star's enrollment increase at a very big rate and because of that the amount of close parking is low. Although we have many parking lots, it's just a long from your car to the school and it takes longer to find a parking space close or not.


The worst thing about my school is parking. It normally takes thirty minutes to find a parking spot, which is usually a ridiculously long distance from the classrooms.


The worst thing about NHMCCD is that because it's a community college, you do not get the traditional college experience. There are no dorms, you commute. There are no large lecture halls, it is a small classroom environment, similar to high school. Many students are non-traditional students, such as working parents, and high school students wanting to start early.


I attend Lone Star College in Tomball, formerly NHMCCD. The worst thing about my school is the limited facilities for certain subjects. For example, many classes must be taken off site, such as swimming, because of unavailable facilities at the school. The lack of facilities affects me in particular in the fact that there are very few art classes. My college does not have the supplies to teach classes like pottery, metal working, or textile arts. Therefore, I have been unable to take the desired classes at the desired location.


When asked the worst thing about a college I love, only one thing comes to mind, and that?s having a good professor. In high school I had an amazing Biology teacher and guess what, I love Biology. When you?re around somebody that loves a subject--you want to learn. At North Montgomery College (now Loan Star), I have had some amazing professors and I have had some not so amazing. I long for a system where professors share their teaching style and methods and students post accurate feedback about professors or blog with upcoming students.


The worst thing about my school is that it is not a 4 year university. I wish it was a 4 year university because I had the idea of transferring.