Long Beach City College Top Questions

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It has the look and feel of a large city campus. I've visited others and they feel like a community college. At Long Beach the atmosphere is much more serious and incredibly diverse. There are always people around doing something politically inclined or trying to sign one petetion or other which, I think, shows how involved the student body is in current issues.


My experience at Long Beach City College has been wonderful! It is conveniently located near my home and my job aswell. I considered going to Cypress or Cerritos College but they were a bit far from my home and I prefered to stay local. Long beach City College is very diverse and that is something that I like because one can learn from eachother and others' cultures. The campus that I attend is filled with rabbits, which I don't think any other college has. Recently there has been various construction projects taking place to make the school better.


Long Beach City College welcomes most every type of person; every race; every culture. The hours and location are very convenient to home. The instructors for the most part are easy to work with.

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