Long Beach City College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Some classes are very hard to get into if they offer them at all.


Since it's not a private school or a 4 year university, it is relatively cheap compared to the latter options. Consequently, the resources, available staff, and school process reflects that. Anyone can get in, not everyone can get their education, in other words. I came into college expecting a challenging yet learning based education, in return I get classes with passive teachers and blueprints for students who learn by 2 hour powerpoints and lecture, rendering information undelivered to students who fall under a category of a different learning style.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how disorganized it is. The buildings are disorganized; as in classes are a little mixed up, and there's even construction going on. The staff sometimes take a long time to respond back to questions.


The most frustrating thing I have found at Long Beach City College is the inconvenient hours classes are scheduled. Since I arrived to the US I always had to manage to work full time and study part time in order to earn an income while still working towards my degree. Long Beach City College does not seem to be aware that there are an increasing number of students like me, who need to prioritize their work schedule because their jobs constitute a detrimental support in continuing their education, in addition to maintain their households.


Our school, like all colleges, is bound by a textbook industry that creates new editions nearly yearly and makes college students spend more of their next-to-nothing income with a supremely low return at buy back time; consequently, this process ensures aggravation for the students who feel taken advantage of and negatively affects the institution as a whole.


The most frustrating thing about my college has to be the lack of information for first time students. Although I took Counseling 1 my first semester, the information was not enough. I ended up taking way too many classes which ultimately delayed my transfer. I also wish that a few other classes would have been recommended to me such as Library 1 which explains step by step, exactly how to use all the library resources, and Learn 11 which shows a student how to get the most out of studying, time management, and test taking skills.


Classes fill up before you have time to register. I wish they offered more on-line courses for some of us that have a job. Or if the school was able to offere jobs at school site.

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