Loras College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The friendships formed here are truely amazing. It is really easy to meet people and overall the people here are amazing. I love getting to know everyone in my classes and opening my horizons. Another thing that I brag about (because I am from the city) is that I get to go visit some of my friends' farms who live near by.


The people are great. The teachers are really nice and care about you. They take the time to know you and help you if you need help. Also the campus is BEAUTIFUL.


The class sizes and the teacher-student interaction.


I would say the thing that I love the most about Loras College is the January term program. I am taking advantage of it this upcoming January, and am very excited. It gives students the opportunity to study abroad for a month rather than many other colleges that only have the option of studying away for a semester or year. This is beneficial to students who could not afford or handle that long studying abroad.


its very small class!


the sheer beauty of the campus along with the small class sizes.


I like the small school atmosphere. I like my professors to know who I am.


I always talk about how much fun I have at my school. I also talk about how much I appreciate that the proffessors are always available to go to if I need help and how much I benefit from that. If I ever need help I always have somewhere I can go and my proffessors are always willing to take the time to explain things to me. The other thing I like about my campus is there are a lot of services available to me, if I should need them.


How everybody says hello to you even if you don't know them (yet). How small classes are and the campus itself.


I love the small class sizes! And the professors here are great, too. My friends I have met there are amazing!


I love the small class sizes and developing good relationships with your professors. I like being able to say "hi" and know most people arond the campus and having a family-oriented feel. It truly feels like home away from home!


Usually the sports, because most of the poeplt hat attend this school are athletes and we excel in many of the sports that our school has. Other things i talk about are the parties that I attend.


How great the people are here, students and faculty.


I really like the campus and the small class sizes. The professors are great for the most part and are really helpful.