Loras College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the worst thing about my school is housing availability for students.


The worst thing is the distance away from North Eastern Wisconsin. It is almost a four hour drive to get there. The only other thing is the campus is on a hill and I recently tore my ACL and it was difficult to get around while on crutches.


The cost. Loras has been rated affordable and a best buy by many reviewers and provides excellent financial aid, but as a small private college, it certainly isn't immune from tuition inflation. I love the school, but as I’m putting myself through college, the price tag is my biggest hesitation.


all the hills and stairs are hard to navigate during winter esp. when physiclaly limited


The worse thing about Loras College is advanced general education classes. These classes can be time consuming and a pain to take. Especially when the class has nothing to do with your major. The cluster courses are even less thrilling because the course does not even pertain to your life nor future. When enrolling into Loras advisors do not make you aware that you will have to enroll in advanced general education classes.


The worst thing about Loras College is the current registration process for first years getting into spring semester classes. The process has been changed numerous times, but it is still a rough process. Students sign up for a time to register and on the actual registration day first years register according to the time they signed up for. It is set up so groups of 5 students in each MOI register at a time. However, not everyone can connect to the internet to register or the classes are full. No matter what there are road blocks in this process.


The only problem I have heard is you have to stay on campus until you are 21, or of senior status.


I think that the student living in general is the worst. The rooms are way over priced and run down and the meal plan is TERRIBLE!!! It is difficult to get financial aid that is sufficient for my situation, and it seems like no one understands that.


The worst thing about this school is the size. I wish that it were at least a few thousand bigger. Sometimes it makes me feel like I"m in high school all over again, but other times it's nice to know the majority of the people here.


Our school focuses a lot on the future, but doesn't always inform its students about their current projects.


There is hardly any intellectual integrity at Loras. The administration seems to focus more on sports, getting more money, and recruiting more students - not academics. Every campaign to fundraise for something is when that something will attract more students or gain more status for Loras in the community, but not to improve classroom equipment or increase academic/career opportunities for those already here. This is not the school to go to if you're serious about your career choice.


Loras tends to be unaccepting of people with other religious beliefs. It is a Catholic college and the people here (both students and faculty) try to convince people of other faiths to desert their faith and join Catholocism.


Over the last two years I have realized that the worst thing about my school is the small size. There are about 1600 full time students at Loras and I came from a high school of about 2100, so for me Loras is small. While that is good for class sizes and meeting people, it is not good for sporting events, concerts, or any other large event. It is hard for Loras to host big events or even get a good turnout at sporting events and that really disappoints me.


The amout of drinking that occurs on campus in porportion ot the amout of other activites. For those who do not drink, trememdous social pressures are felt, and they end up feeling as if they are not a part of the campus community.


not getting my teaching placement until 1 week before i started