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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice that i would give my younger self in high school would be, college life and high school can both be similar types of experiences, though are two different levels of responsibility and financial commitment. As a student exits high school they should take into consideration the different types of obligations and responsibilities they will be liable for in college. However, by taking on these challenges they will be molded out into the people they project themselves to be. Future college students must also realize that these are only the beginning stages of adulthood, and a glimpse of some of the duties they will encounter in the real world.


If I was to go back to high school! Awwww would I would do things so differently! I'm struggling to find a job and also I would have an easier time remembering the work as far as Math! The older we get, sometimes we tend to forget much, that's only if we don't use the information we have stored in our brain. Having kids, I would show them that mom can do her best and walk across the stage again, but this time with a college degree because it could change your life. I would also tell myself to be patient with myself and others because school takes a large load of time and after completing college, then we can have more down time. As far as grades, it's important to study at all times and try best to not get overwhelemed with test and pop quizzes. Just always remember to take time out for self and realization. Getting through high school and taking the next step to be the next OPRAH! Everyone is well deservant of a great future and can do anything as long as we strive to our highest level of achievement.


Dear Jorden, Continue to focus on completing rigorous courses and earning the highest grades possible. However, remember to enjoy the moment and be fully engaged.


When I was in high school, my family told me college was not an option. We were destitute. I wasted my potential and many years of my life by walking away from college. If I could go back and talk to myself in my high school years, I would make sure that I understood that poverty is NOT an obstacle. There are so many scholarships for students who are willing to work hard, earn a high GPA and score well on their tests. I am sure that, with adult guidance, I would have been able to go on to college after high school. I would also tell my high school self: "If you work hard throughout high school, and keep your nose to the grindstone throughout college, you will be able to go out in the world and find a job where you work with your mind,. The alternative is to slack off in school and just get by, to avoid college completely. If you choose this route, high school may be easier and more fun, but you can then look forward to a backbreaking life of working with and destroying your body in manual or menial labor.


I would advice my self and anyone that is a senior to apply for colleges on time,save money for college, and to apply for as many scholorships as they can because your college needs will cost alot.


I always thought college was going to be impossible for me and stressed myself about college. With my friends going to successful universities, I felt pressured of going to those and not being left behind. In my mind, was "college, college, and college." I had to go to college according to me I though but it was the reason of my surroundings. In high school, I felt that I only had one chance to getting in to college and that I could not mess up what so ever. So, I pressured myself so much that I set up myself to failure by not having faith in myself into getting accepted to college. I filled out the applications and assessments to college with the thought in my mind of "don't mess up, don't mess up." So I messed up by having negative thoughts in my mind. I would tell myself since I know what I do now is that it's okay to fail if one learns from the failure. I would also tell myself that the things might not go as planned. Not getting accepted to college has opened my eyes of the kind of person I was.


Oh wow, If I can go back in time as a senior with what I know now, I would definately do more research as to what I can do to pay for college and have a part-time job rather than a full-time and taking our loans! I wish I could, but I do not regret the way my career is coming along!


Looking back now on my early college experience, there are so many things I would have loved to have known as a high school senior. The most important thing I could have told myself and truly understood was that things would change, more importantly, that I would change. The concept of change after high school is quite possibly the most obvious part of the process, it is also the one that we overlook the most. I knew that the classes would be more rigorous and be accompanied a larger work load. I knew that there was going to be an entire new set of people- friends, mentors, professors. I understood that my surrounding world was going to completely change. What I did not anticipate was losing myself in the that transition that we make from high school to college life. I was fighting to keep the one thing I thought didn't have to change from actually growing, myself. College is not just for gaining higher education, it is also to gain a higher sense of self. Without understanding how all encompassing change can be when making the transition to college, we set ourselves up for failure.


i would go back and take more time viewing other schools near my area and also take classes during senior year .


First of all, search for a major and carrer of interest. If you are unsure of your decision take courses that are under the IGETC category either for UC or CSU. While attending college, make sure you keep yourself informed with upcoming assignments and questioning the professor about lecture and discussions. Its important to be proactive in your courses because that lead to a better understanding and grade of the course. If you dislike a course from the begining, drop it instead of earning a poor grade and having to take it again.


I would say, "Tammy, college is not just important, it's mandatory. Do not think of it as an option, but something that you must do. You see going to college versus not going to college, will be the single biggest thing that you can do to make your life easier. So anything that makes your life easier, will also make it possible that you will have a happier life. And anything that could make your life happier is worth doing."


knowing now what I know about college life, I would definately tell my high school self to save more money and work that much harder to get my voice heard. In high school I always stayed quiet and let someone else's voice overpower my own. i have learned that I have great ideas to share and I should not let anyone tell me to stay quiet because they are right . I am just as important and what I have to say is just as important as the next person. I would also tell myself that no one is more important to me than myself. Ispent a lot of my high school time worrying about everyone else and making sure that all my friends and teachers were happy that it effected my grades and selfesteem. I would tell myself that I am the most important person and i need to take take of myself if I ever want to get anywhere in life. Selfish as it may sound, its true.


As a high school senior, I took honors and A.P. (advanced placement classes) in order to achieve academic excellence. I never earned straight A's, and was not ranked amoung the top of my class (I had just missed top 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}). Assuming I could travel back to those years, I would advise myself to take easier classes and earn those straight A's, rather than aim high and succeed less. The reason behind this is a higher GPA, regardless of class level, is a more effective tool to success. I would still advise myself to work hard in college and continue earning high grades, because these years at a junior college are the ones that are going to matter most when transferring to a four-year university.


Don't slack off! The classes in highschool prepare you for the classes in college when they matter the most!