Los Angeles Mission College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the cleanliness of my school to be the best.


The campus is relatively small in comparison to most college campuses, but I feel that it's size is a key component to it's success. Students found at the school are generally welcoming and willing to assist those who need help around campus and in their classes. In addition to the students, the professors are usually available to speak with as well when you spot them around the school. There are many great aspects to the college, but I believe the size of the campus and the positive atmosphere it creates are its best aspects.


One of the best things about Mission College is the money saved by attending a junior college. Not only is it less expensive (both immediately and in the long run), but it is also a smaller and friendlier campus. The best part is being able to get an A.A. degree for less than a few thousand dollars, which makes it possible for just about anyone - workers, mothers, providers, etc.