Los Angeles Valley College Top Questions

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I don't think there is anything unique about my school. I think its like the other community colleges, there is nothing that is really unique about it.


LAVC provided a safe, beautiful campus where I could focus on my academic career. Of the 10 schools in the LACCD system, Valley proved to be the best fit. Not only is the campus beautiful - LAVC is a member of Trees Campus USA and has a well-known small population of extremely friendly squirrels, but the faculty, overall, offers instruction at a 4-year university level. Though I could have easily chosen LACC to complete my studies, Valley offered fresh air, brand-new facilities, including a state-of-the-art library boasting a gigantic computer lab and private study rooms.


Valley college offers a beautiful campus with great resources to gain knowledge for our futures and for our present. LAVC has great professors that have positively impacted my life and helped me gain the information I needed to continue my education at a four year university. Without Valley College, I probably would not have heard about the University I want to attend. Campus is green, people are nice, classes are not too large. Overall, a great school!


Well my school is unique because a huge variety of people attend this college. it is the community college that every student that would step their foot into so they can start their journey towards life. i chose this college because of the variety of classes that they offer in such a small campus. the teachers want you to succeed and push you . Unlike other community colleges valley is more populated and more friendly. the students their are very social and work together inorder to watch eachother pass. overall valley is the college for every person to start off with.


LAVC is a nice transitional school for the purposes of transfer. Tuition is far more reasonable, and the school truly worries about your fulfilling the GE requirements for transfer. As for the college I'll be transferring to, CSUN, their Mechanical Engineering program is quite superior to those of other schools *and* it's local. I have a set goal of attending the Whiting School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins for a doctorate, so picking the right four year university was important. As far as uniqueness, SoCal is so culturally diverse and I'm fortunate for the experience.