Los Angeles Valley College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


What i consider is the best thing about my school is that there are many places for you to study. it can be either in the library, in the halls, or just on an outside bench but there is always room to study.


The best thing about Los Angeles Valley College is the willingness of the students and faculty to optimize the potential to excel in their academic career. This is a welcoming community where everyone wants to help one another out.


The best thing about my school is our president. She is very committed to the school and its students and making the school the best as it can be. The school has a great foundation and has help from very committed alumni. Everyone works together to make the school a great place for the students. I feel a strong sense of community at Los Angeles Valley College


I like how warm and small the campus feels. I also like that each department has an office where information on different degrees, programs, internships and information is given by the instructors. The financial Aid office has been very helpful. It's a great school and a small campus feel that makes learning fun.


The best thing here at Valley College are the teachers. They are very organized in their presentations, they are very helpful, funny and fair. I move here from Sacramento and I felt like I could have a relationship with them instead of being afraid of them. Not all theachers have all the qualities mentioned but whatever quality they have I trully felt that they are dedicated to make students learn and understand what they are teaching.


The best thing about my school can't be wrapped up into just one thing. I love a lot of things about it. It's only 5 miles away from home. There's so many different courses to chose from. The environment is different from high school; people are at school because they want to be there, not because they're forced to be there. The tuition is far more reasonable than any university. All in all, I consider myself lucky that I can go to this school and therefore, everything about it is great.