Louisiana Tech University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Although it may be far from my home and family, I'm never really homesick. I found friends quickly, and there are many campus organizations that one can become involved in. There's always something to do or going on: university sporting events, concerts, intramural events, activities at the various religious organizations, etc. You can also eat lunch for $1 a day because each religious organization has there own "dollar lunch!"


Tech is the perfect size of students so that you still feel at home and can wave to your friends on the way to class, but also so that you are pushed outside of your comfort zone to meet new people. Tech is affordable, has just enough of diversity, and each individual college shines academically. My university unites as a bulldog family. There is a statue of a bronze bulldog in the student center that every student, faculty, and staff takes the time to rub his head to show our spirit. We are proud to be at LA Tech.


When talking about my school to others I brag on the campus and clean it is. I always talk about our quarter system and how i think it is way better than being on a semester system. i brag on how smart you actually have to be in order to get into my school and i mostly brag on our football team. HOW ABOUT THEM DOGS!!


The quality of my teachers. There's not much interesting happening about the school outside of the education itself, but that education is a really fantastic one.


When I tell my friends about Tech, I brag about the family atmosphere. Tech makes me feel right at home. I love my classes and teachers. I have also made many new friends at Tech. I am very satisfied with the decision I made about coming here.


I like the teachers and curriculum, it is very applicable to real life situations and the teachers are very helpful. But the main reason I chose Tech was family history, I?m the 7th person from my family to attend.


I brag about Tech's College of Engineering and Sciences.


How accredited Louisiana Tech is and how knowledgeable the teaching faculty is.


I really like the Louisiana Tech because of the size. It's not to big and you don't just feel like a number. Most of my classes have only about 30 students in them. I find that it is easier to stay focused in the class room. I have friends that have Graduated and gone on to bigger universities and were in classes of up to 250 people. They found it very hard to make friends and get involved.


distance from home and amount of fun


I came here to orientation and fell in love immediatly!


Unlike most colleges engineering majors (I have asked freindds who went into similar majors at other colleges), you do't get into anything remotely engineering until (at the earliest) your sophmore year. This is very useful to those who aren't sure they want to be an engineer and it always gives me a bit of encouregment knowing that I was ahead of the game.