Loyola Marymount University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It's remote and cut-off from the rest of L.A. You can't really walk/bike/skate anywhere other than campus, so you have to get an Uber pretty much anywhere. Or have a car on campus. While Playa Vista is building up, it's mostly apartments and Del Rey is a pretty decent walk distance-wise.


I love everything about Loyola Marymount University, but if I were to consider a place that needs improvement it would be the wi-fi connection. It is very poor especially in the residence halls which makes it basically impossible to complete homework unless purchasing an ethernet cable.


I really don't have any complaints. I LOVE my school.


A lot of students are well-intentioned but sheltered upper middle-class and don't really understand complex social issues like homelessness and poverty. Some are also quite wealth, conservative and act entitled. Many of the girls are involved in sororities which can make it hard to feel included and make friends if you don't wish to join Greek Life.


I think that the racial diversity at LMU really needs improvement. There is not much racial integration at LMU and that certainly needs to improve especially with the increasin globalization of the world. LMU really is like a bubble from the outside world, and students here for the most part don't have much of a global perspective and have never been out of the country.


I would say the worst thing about LMU is that there is such an emphasis on Greek life. For some people, joining a Fraternity or a Sorority is just not their thing and it wasn't mine. I am busy with two jobs and two internships and do not have time to be in a sorority and because I'm not in one I really feel like an outcast and know that other people do too. If you aren't in Greek life it's hard to make friends here.


The cost. The financial aid is poor (I would know), and it makes it difficult for worthy students to attend.


The worst thing about my school is that it rains here frequently because of its location near the beach. Also, you must always be prepared for class all the time since small class sizes allows the professor to get to know each one of his/her students.


LMU is great in most aspects, but it is lacking in terms of the cohesiveness of the entire student body. Though students are very proud of their school, there isn't an overarching sense of unity between all students on the campus. There are many organizations for students to be members of, but students tend to direct the majority of their loyalty toward these groups rather than the school as a whole. LMU students love attending the school, but they could definitely show more spirit for the university by acting as a whole rather than as many smaller groups.


While Loyola Marymount University is a wonderful place, it is a really expensive school. I truly believe that this is the worst thing about my school. It's very expensive but, then again, any four-year college/university is as well.


The worst thing at LMU is the student support of athletic programs. Most students at LMU show great school spirit in school events and campus life, but when it comes to supporting LMU athletics by going to games and sport events, students are nowhere to be found. Grant it, some students do attend, but not nearly enough to give you that gametime rush of a crowd. It also is detrimental to college athletes who gain momentum off of a strong support group of fans. The LMU community is too strong to be lacking in such a crucial area.


I have to take too many classes that don't relate to my field of study. I would like to have a more focussed and in depth education whe it comes to economiy, financials and international business.


The worst thing about my school is the bad internet connection and the pressure to be wealthy when I am not. Also if you want to have a really great social life you must be in a fraternity or sorority and I am not. It makes it tough to fit in when everyone has their cliques.


The worst thing about my school is that I cannot have my dogs on campus.


The only negative aspect of my school, I would say, is the WiFi. Although this is a common issue on college campuses, the WiFi can be extremely slow in times of need (i.e. research, e-mailing professors, writing essays). Nonetheless, the technicians at Loyola Marymount do their best to meet the high demand of WiFi on campus. Furthermore, internet connection is much better with an ethernet cord. Other than this issue, the school is exceptional.


I consider the students' heavy smoking and drinking the worst thing about my school because I believe it to be both damaging one's health and affecting the students ability to act properly. If a person wants to smoke, they are free to do it, but when it is intrusive to others (second-hand smoke), I do not think it should be allowed. My school allows students to smoke in many public areas, so other students are subjected to it. Drinking is very prevalent, as well, and this causes students to act crazy and be wild.


Financial aid office. Racial differences.


I think the worst thing about LMU is that I won't actually be able to enjoy the benefits of the 20-year-plan that I am helping pay for by the parking payment increase. They just started charging for parking and tuition is already unbelievably high that everyone is now refusing to park on campus and so the streets in front of off-campus housng is so crowded and then the residental neighbors are upset and leave notes on your car for parking in front of their house, even though you live next door and pay rent!


As a transfer, it's harder to get to know people outside of the classroom or your roommates. Although there is a lot of opportunity to meet people, it's harder to create friendships as everyone is sort of in their 'groups' already.


The worst thing about our school is the rising tuition each year. Although they do offer financial aid to students, most of the financial aid given to me are in loans. I struggle to afford my meals and other living costs while working two jobs. There are many resources and donations from alumnis to help maintain the tuition at its current price, but frivolous spending on fancy soda machines are not neccessary. I would like to see more efforts at my college in assissting students with financial struggles.


Tuition costs are definitely a drawback when considering LMU. Year by year tuition increases by 2-3%, its small percentage but considering the total cost of tuition the increase results to be significantly high.


The only thing that I do not like about my school is that you are forced to purchase a meal plan if you live on campus in a freshmen dormitory or suit. Other than this, I think LMU is a great place and definitely beneficial to attend.


LMU is great, and I know that I am blessed to receive an education from a school that has some of the best professors in the country. Putting that aside, my biggest gripe with LMU is how expensive it is for my family and myself. Spending thousands and thousands of dollars is not easy--especially for my father who is paying for my tuition. I help with tuition as much as I can, but I cannot help my feelings of guilt knowing how hard my dad is working at his age just so I can go to a great college.


Many people leave campus on the weekends and for that reason you can't find much to do here during the weekend. I think LMU should have more on campus events for the people who can't afford to go off campus every weekend. If more events were created, then I beieve people would want to stay on campus during the weekend and it would be a much livelier place.


Based on my experience at LMU, there is not one thing that I could point out as being negative about my school. I am not being cocky or arrogant, it's just that LMU offers everything to have a complete education. The worst thing about our school, that only a few students would agree upon, would be the freshman dorms, but it is also a strength. The freshman dorms would be of decent quality, but lack air conditioning in the much older dorms; however, the freshman dorms allow an opportunity to grow as one community, one family.


The tuition. There are so many attractive things LMU has to offer including the campus, the classes, and the amount of extracurricular activities, but it's very hard to pay for. I have received less and less financial aid every year and I know other people who had to transfer because they could not afford tutition.


We don't have a football team, so that affects the school spirit a little bit. There isn't a single rallying point for all the student body to come together over.


I would say the worst thing about Loyola Marymount would be the expensive tuition. It costs over $50,000 to attend the school and somehow the price goes up every year. They are also implementing an additional charge for parking starting this August. Being a full-time student with two jobs, I still struggle to pay for my tution and I feel like Loyola could offer me more financial aid or lower their tuition prices. I feel like this is the worst thing about my university.


I have not yet attended Loyola Marymount University yet, but from what I have experienced so far I would say that I haven't received quick correspondence when I have questions that are important to my future at the school. Overall, however, I have been treated very well by the faculty and staff.


I think the worst thing about my school would be the fact that I can't possibly do all the opportunities I wish I could with the 2 years I have left.


There are not very many things at LMU that are less than excellent, with the exception of parking availability. There is never parking, so it is smart to get to school at least 30 minutes before your class just to find a spot.


Although I consider Loyola Marymount Univeristy to be among the best schools anyone can attend, the worst thing about it is that the students smoke a lot. This makes it harder for them to succeed becasue they think that they can do whatever they want to do. I do not think that they will get very far in life. Now, I do not think like they do. I am a dedicated student who is willing to go the extra mile to do my best no matter how difficult the 15 units may be. I never want to give up hope.


Again, LMU's claim-to-fame is its action against injustice, but the expense of attending is an injustice within itself. Not only are tuition and housing costs rising, but it seems students are nickle and dimed for everything from a mandatory meal plan and overpriced food, to the use of facitilites like library printers and recreation center. Affordable higher education would better serve LMU's call to combat injustice, especially being located so close to improverished areas throughout Los Angeles.


I consider the tuition rate to be the worst thing about my school. The cost of attendence is very high and financial aid has not adequately assisted my family's ability to pay for me attend.


Because my campus is so small, the social activities to do get very repetitive. I seem to be doing the same things over again with my friends: going out to dinner, going to the local mall, watching a movie in someone's dorm room. With that said, Loyola Marymount is so close to the heart of Los Angeles. This big city has a lot to offer and I need to explore Los Angeles' hidden gems!


The food.


I think the worst thing about my school is the fact that the majority of the students that go here are from the state of California, and came here with friends from their high school. Sometimes this can make it hard to join in groups and make friends because so many people already know each other. I am from out of town, so in the beginning it was hard. I have gotten past it, but I think they should acknowledge that more.


Loyola Marymount is very expensive. For students like me who come from low income families it is difficult to pay for school. I bare the responsibility of paying for school myself through loans, financial aid, scholarships, and have taken up a job on campus. Even with these different sources of money it still does not cover my expenses. I believe if the tuition, housing, meal plan, and other expenses are going to be costly, there should be more aid. Students should only have to focus on attaining academic and personal success, not how they will make their next school payment.


One of the worst things about my school is the lack of diversity. Although I think it is a wonderful campus with a nice student body, much of it is comprised of caucasion individuals. Many of these individuals are Christian/Catholic and the school has many more female students than male students. I do not necessarily have a problem with any of these issues, but the environment would be more richer if there was more racial, religious, and gender diversity.


The worst thing about my school would be public transportation. There are so many places and opportunities here in Los Angeles that I want to know and see, but it seems almost impossible without a car! There is a bus system, but it's very confusing and never takes me to where I want to actually go. There are cabs, but those are so expensive. I feel like because there is nogood public transportation here, I am missing out on a lot of wonderful experiences.


Costs - LMU and LA are very expensive.


The limit variety and pricing of food on campus. I would love for there to be a wider variety to choose from so that i do not have the same thing more than once a week. Also the pricing puts a crunch on my meal plan and causes me to buy food sometimes based on its price rather than if i want to eat it or not.


The financial aid is terrible.


One of the worst things about my school is the academic decisions made by the administration. At times they spend money on things for to give the school a good cosmetic look on the outside when really there are programs within the school that need increased funding to actually help students.


The lack of diversity is a tragedy. There are 65% women, and most of the students are white and from wealthy backgrounds. Also, most students are from the Los Angeles area and go home on weekends. I did not know this when I was entering LMU and I am from Massachusetts so it was really hard adjusting to college when everybody left on the weekends.


Difficult transfer process from a 2 year college. Some administrative problems/lack of commitment to students


There could be more financial aid because tuition is so high.


I grew up in a neighborhood where you were not unique. you were not advanced from others, and you were just another teenager living in an immigrant low-income family neighborhood. Where harrasment from gangs was a daily duty. Living in Loyola Marymount University has been the highlight of my life, and has helped me open to many more opportunities I had believed were gone forever. As to this question, I consider nothing to be the worst thing with my university, with financial aid I am able to continue these experiences.


The temperature literally can get pretty hot! In such heat, it is easy to overexhaust yourself physically and mentally.


Some of the stuck-up girls and guys that basically think they're better than everyone and deserve special treatment.