Loyola Marymount University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Definitely beach people, people who enjoy the sun a lot, or people who are pretty content being cut off from the city.


Loyola is a strong academic school located in Los Angeles. It is Jesuit and is a good fit for everyone.


A person wanting to attend LMU should be kind, caring, and intelligent. It is an ideal environment for anyone seeking a place where the students, faculty, and staff are always willing to help a person in need and actively encourage each student to succeed. However, a person who attends LMU must also be very hardworking, as many classes can be challenging and the professors grade truthfully. Overall, LMU is a good fit for almost any person who is willing to put an effort into their academics and cares about others.


I was initially attracted to LMU because of the Catholic Jesuit education it offers, "educating the whole person". Those individuals attending LMU all have a wholistic way of looking at the world and the community they live in. LMU students have a strong desire to work hard and support one another. My classmates have a mutual respect and outlook on life. I believe those considering LMU for undergraduate or graduate studies maintain this common outlook.


Prospective LMU students should be academically minded and prepared to work hard. While lacking in competitive athletic programs, LMU has a strong arts program and excel in the sciences and mathematics. While technically a Jesuit campus, there is an open-ness to various religious affiliations as well as those with no specific religious affiliation. There are plenty of social activities, although this is certainly not a "party" campus.


People who are very research -oreinted should attend this school.


Anyone can attend this University. It is a very open-minded school that is filled with a diverse body of students who come from different racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. LMU does an exeptional job of being inclusive of all types of groups.


A person who wants a more personal, intimate relationship with everyone at the school, which includes students, professors, and other staff should attend this school.


A person with a good work ethic and positive attitude will find success at Loyola Marymount University. Be open to meeting people that can become life long friends and becoming involved with clubs and groups that will help you learn more about yourself and who you want to become in life.


This school is for driven, academically conditioned, tenacious students who strive to achieve greatness after college. It is not a walk in the park, but it is a place where you have to put in hours of dedication in order to achieve that greatness. However, those are the types of students you are surrounded with at Loyola Marymount. I believe I am one of those which is why I have proudly found a second home here amongst my friends, professors, and surroundings.


A person who should attend Loyola Marymount University is somone who enjoys small classroom discussions and relatively short walks between classrooms. Also, if a person is interested in living in Los Angeles or by the beach then LMU is a prime location.


Anyone who knows what they want to do and is willing to pay for a great education.


A person who is dedicated to their education but is also interested in taking adantage of the surrounding area and people. Those who wish to be taught HOW to learn and not WHAT to learn while expanding their social networks as well as those who wish to culturally get to know Los Angeles.


A person filled with passion and spirit should attend Loyola Marymount University. For many people, including myself, LMU has become a second home to me and is a place that will forever be in my heart. If one sees the need for change in the world and has a deep commitment towards using his or her skills for the service of others, they would be the optimum peson to become a Loyola Marymount University Lion. Having the heart of a lion is what drives myself and so many others to be as successful as possible for ourselves and others.


People who are free thinkers and have a basic idea of what they want out of their college experience. If you are not sure of what you want to do with your major, L.M.U. will provide the tools and experience necessary to hone in on what you want to do after you graduate. It is the school for those who want a fun and enjoyable time while also learning important things geared towards your career.


I think a person that is willing to get out there and be independent should attend CSU Northridge because it is so big and you have to do something besides school. So a person that is outgoing is a good person to come here otherwise you will go all your years in college and not know many people. I think someone that can handle not being led step by step because it is hard to get the chance to talk to a teacher or adviser at times and you just have to do it yourself.


For a school of this caliber, a person that should attend this kind of school should be semi-sophistocated. He or she should have an open mind and be willing to work well with others. Since this is a liberal Jesuit college, a person should be tolerant of people of other nationalities, races, ethnicities, creeds, religions, etc. Also, that person must have a substational repetoire of skills, be committed, and work hard in order to suceed. But most importantly, this person should also be flexible and allow themselves to learn and study at the same time.


Someone both serious about academics, and involved in various extracurricular activites- a very well-rounded person


Some one who is laid back with an open mind, ready to take in an entirely different world ...a mix of social elietes to the very wealhty to the very poor....a good mixture of both, and if you have the qualities to mix in with all the crowds you will do well ....


As I have gotten to know a vast number of people at LMU in the year I've attended, I'd say anyone can attend LMU. You definitely need to be outgoing and friendly, and open to new ideas. You need to be understanding and able to see how being raised differently from yourself creates another individual completely with their own flaws and ideals. LMU is great for people who want a strong sense of community in college and the chance to really be able to be known and recognize. LMU is the perfect size; small, but not too small.


Someone who would rather be at a smaller, private, well-diversified school. Someone who is eager to learn and does better with smaller class sizes and more attention from professors. This school is big on working together as a team and requires a lot of group projects which will help you succeed in the "real world". One does not need to be Catholic to attend this school, but it is great because LMU has a chapel right on campus which is open 24 hours and the school also offers a mix of other religious clubs.


someone who likes smaller class sizes. Has an interest in a jesuit university. Someone looking for a smaller university that is like a close knit community.


Person who likes smaller schools with small class rooms.


Anyone who is outgoing and intelligent. There is not a cut-throat competitivness, but students here work hard and are also social. There is not one dominant group on campus, and students are diverse.


Social, academically driven, outgoing, ambitious, organized


likes actually knowing people/professors, likes to be involved


Anyone and everyone who likes California, good weather and attractive engaging people.


Someone who like the be involved in school activities and enjoys participating in the a smaller classroom environment should attend.


Anyone who wants to be able to walk across campus and know several faces they pass by, but not be recognised by absolutely everybody.


Those looking for more than an academic experience should attend LMU for education of the whole person.


Most of the people who attend this school are rich people like you would have seen on Laguna Beach.