Loyola Marymount University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The campus maintains a welcoming, warm and friendly atmosphere and it is a Catholic insitiution however we don't discriminate against non-religious students. However, if you don't intend on taking theology or philosophy courses then you shouldn't attend this school.


People who want big schools with alot of school spirit, shouldn't attend this school. The school does not have a football team or on campus frat and sorority houses so the "typical crazy college experience" is not what you are going to get. I personal love that it is nice and calm and it works for me but if you want the college expereice depicted in movies this isn't the school. However the campus is so beautiful that it will feel like you are on a gorgeous movie set. People attend parties off campus here.


A person that is not open to new experiences.


I think that people who are not so serious about their college education and finding a great job in the future should not attend this school because of all the people I have met there, they seem to have a pretty good idea of what they want in their life and their study habits are quite strong.


Someone who is really conservative or close-minded should not attend LMU. Students here are very open with expressing their views and most people are respectful of that. LMU is a liberal arts college and people here feel free to express themselves in the way they dress. If you look around, LMU is very diverse and I love that about LMU. People feel comfortable being themselves and do not feel like they will be judged by their peers. So if a person is really conservative or doesn't like freedom of expression, I wouldn't recommend attending LMU


Someone who really wants a big public university with a ra ra sports team and football. Someone who does not like diversity and is close minded to other ideologies and cultural difference.


I think that a student who is not serious about studying in college should seriously reconsider the decision to attend LMU. Just the same, though, students that are ruthlessly academic should consider the LMU enviroment, and community standards before committing. LMU Lions are not only conscientious, hardworking students but also well rounded, balanced individuals. Studies are taken extremely seriously, but school spirit, athletics, arts, and learning how to live on your own are all part of the greater college experience, which is recognized &embraced at LMU. The students all realize college is simply another preparation period for work and life.


A person should not attend this school if they are just wanting to get by in school and get the degree they are wanting to achieve. The person who wants to develop and challenge the answers that are given to them should attend Loyola Marymount University. Those who are excited about this challenge are great candidates for attending Loyola Marymount University.


This school is diverse enough to include every kind of person and your experience really depends on what you make it. However if you are not friendly, prefer a large school (20,000+), and are overly analytical this school may not be the best choice for you.


Loyola Marymount is perfect for students who are open to all types of religion, sexual orientation, political views, race, socioeconomic status, and type of major; in other words, the heavily conservative and religious student might feel out of place and uncomfortable.


The only kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who is not willing to take advantage of what LMU has to offer. LMU is set up for a student's success, but the student has to be willing to want to succeed. I am guilty myself of not fully taking advantage of what was offered my first semester, but having been there for a year now, I have found so many things that I love and have finally realized I am surrounded by opportunites that have helped make me a better person.


Any person who gets into Loyola Marymount University deserves a chance to attend because some how they got admitted into the school and hardwork should not go unnotices. LMU is a place for students to strive and for students to have a chance to excel if they want to.


People who see their ideal college as an easy ride to get a degree merely for the sake of having one should not attend this school. LMU seeks to intelectually challenge their students in order to produce world class individuals. At this school, it is highly uncommon to find a student who is not involved in some form of extracurricular activity on campus. This student body is very motivated, and at times demanding of it's student to stay active in their community.


I do not believe a lazy person, who isn't studious, does not cooperate with others, or help others should be allowed to attend my school. A non-studious person cannot expect to do well in classes at my school, for he will not have what it takes to produce at a solid level. A person who is non-cooperative will be a poor team member and cannot expect to have the support of peers. Lastly, my school is predicated on service and a person who does not have a service heart will be disappointing to my school's values.


A person who is solely interested in his or her own success. These type of people would not gain as much as those who are more open to being at the aid of others, for it is only those who do have this concern for others who will grow and obtain much success as well.


Any person who is not open--minded should not attend this school.


LMU has the aspects of every other university, but to varying degrees. If a student is looking for a D-1 football engulfed huge school, for example, that is not exactly what LMU has to offer. It is considered small for a university and a student who is looking for a larger place to more or less get lost in, in an adventurous manner of course, then LMU may not be his or her best choice. It is for those who appreciate a focused environment that allows for more personal experiences in all aspects of the school.


Someone who is not academically motivated, or someone who does not know what they want to pursue as a career. It's extremely expensive with little financial aid available, so if a student is not sure what they want, they should attend a cheaper institution.


Someone who is looking for the "typical" college experience shouldn't attend LMU. We don't have a football team, our Greek life isn't as intense as other schools, our classes are small so we can't hide--we are held responsible for our actions, and we have more opportunities for service and giving back to the community than we can count. We aren't "typical" -- and that's what we all love about it.


LMU is a smaller school that offers a more intimate experience. The kind of person who wants to attend a huge university with many students and large class sizes is probably the type of person that shouldn't attend LMU.

Yun Hee

People who haven't got enough financial resources, because tuition and costs are too expensive.


Someone looking to create their own study program.


People looking for a large campus environment. It is a smaller school so if you don't get involved you won't get everything out of your exeperience at LMU.


A Christ-filled person who is looking to better themself, And by bettering themself are looking to better their community and the people around them. They need to have a service of faith and try their best to promote justice within thier lives and the people around them.


Someone that can't afford to pay for college. Someone that doesn't have boldness to speak against racisim and classism and someone that don't want to be involved in un-Godly things such as excessive partying, drinking, and having sex.


Those who are set in pursuing a career that entails a rigorous college setting. Loyola is very free thinking and adverse to a narrow or selective college experience. If you do not think outside the box, don't choose L.M.U.


A person that is unwilling to engage in learning with a professor, unwilling to grow as a person through community, or unwilling to accept the diversity in others, should not attend Loyola Marymout University.


Someone should not attend this school if they do not want to be in a beautiful place that has a great view of overlooking Los Angeles. They should not come to Loyola Marymount University if they do not want to work hard to learn the necessary skills for their future career.


Someone who really likes a fast-paced life and a really really large campus.


A person who likes big campuses and being able to get unnoticed in large classrooms would not like this school because class sizes are small the campus is smaller than most and most of the time all your teachers will know you by name.


Antisocial and boring people who don't like to help others


a person that enjoys one-on-one time with their professors and a small class size a person that knows who they are, and are strong in their beleifs and have a good self-esteem so they won't feel lost or lonely


someone who likes classes with a extremely large amount of people. Also, if they are obsessed with football (we don't have a team)


People who are not willing to get along with other people and are not willing to learn shouldn't be allowed here.


People who had their hearts set on different schools and come to LMU because its the next best thing do not tend to be happy here.


If you just want to party and not put in any work or take your classes seriously, don't come here. If you are extremely closed minded and not willing to experience unconventional discussions or teaching styles...if you hate big cities and culturally diverse settings, don't come here.


Someone who hates rich Hollywood brats. Someone who wants very large class sizes with cut-throat competition. Someone who is extremely academically based and wishes to achieve the highest amount of education for their money. Someone who is offended by people expressing their religious beliefs, especially since it's a Catholic campus. If you're athiest, and proud of it, you'd better be ok with not talking about it around the Catholic peoples. They don't like it.


People who get homesick


person liking big schools


A lot of the kids at this school are very "L.A." People dress up to go to class, and partying and clubbing are big parts of people's lifestyles. There is definately some kids who do service and get involved in campus ministry, but it isn't the majority. The majority are involved with sororities and fraternities. If you do not equate yourself into these categories, it is a lot harder to find your place here, and I wouldn't recommend it to you. It is not a good school for someone who is less outgoing.


Those who want a big school. Those who soley rely on Financial Aid for help. Those who don't like multi-racial, very diverse campuses.


A laid back, fun loving person, but the school is open to all kinds of people and I believe anyone could find their place here.