Loyola Marymount University Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


The location is ideal and the students were very friendly when I came to tour the campus. I love the weather and that the campus is located so closely to the beach. The campus is also very safe and beautiful.


I've known I wanted to do pr in the entertainment industry, so my choices were either LA or NY. I chose LA over NY because the more I thought about it, while NY has the entertainment scene, it is more focused on fashion than entertainment. LMU is the perfect fit because it's right near LA, right near my home, and I definitely couldn't leave the great weather here.


I have a few family members that have gone there to become teachers, and I wanted to be a teacher myself. Once I went on campus and saw how beautiful it was, I was pretty sure I wanted to go there. Then, during the tour, everything the tour guide said about the school matched perfectly with a lot of things I found important, and she made it sound like all the students were as academically-minded as I was. That was when I knew that it was the perfect school for me, and that I would do whatever I had to do to attend if I was accepted.


Because they offered a great biochemistry program and a great school environment.


Choosing which college I wanted to go to was no easy task. I decided to go to LMU because I am a Liberal Studies major, and LMU has a great teaching program. Also, it is a beautiful campus in a good location. I made the right choice and am so happy here.