Loyola University Chicago Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My favorite campus tradition is the many events we’re provided.


Loyola has a great business school and a top notch law school


I believe Loyola is most known for the community here. Since Loyola is a smaller university, the students around campus become more like family the more classes you take or the more activities you get involved in. I also think Loyola is known for the diversity within this community; everyone comes from a plethora of different and unique backgrounds from all over the world. I think because of these factors, everyone can find a community that suits their interests and needs, and helps better their experience at Loyola.


If I had to put it into one idea, it would culminate in 'Jesuit Values'. That's what our school is best known for. That's not to say that everyone there is deeply Catholic or conservative. What I mean by that is employers know that students coming from our school have been taught generousity, community involvement, and social justice. And these ideas stem to all of the 'selling points' of the university that we are usually known for. Like our trail blazing environmental initiatives, for example.


Loyola University Chicago is best known for its Jesuit beliefs and seeking a sound community within your college years. They value philantropy and lending a helping hand to anyone in need. They accept all people regardless of race, religion, or sexual preference. They also value making the most out of ones education.


Loyola is known for its quality social justice programs as well as its green initiatives. Its campus locations both on the shore of Lake Michigan as well as downtown allow for full access to the city.


Loyola is best known for being very open to all backgrounds, cultures, and religions. As a private Jesuit University, every student is accepting of all other students and those who aren't do not represent Loyola in general.


Pre-med students. They are everywhere.


Loyola University Chicago is best known for being a Jesuit university of high moral integrity. The school is focused on creating well-rounded stundets and is known for being a good school academically that produces upstanding students. This Jeusit institution is known for produceing well-rounded successful individuals.


Its female versus male ratio. 7 to 3


Loyola University is a private Jesuit school that is best known as the largest Jesuit school in the United States. It is known nation wide as one of the best private schools in the Midwest. Loyola has multiple campuses in the Chicagoland area. Also, one of the campuses, John Felice Rome center, is located in Italy.


Loyola is best known for the Nursing school. The most popular major in the school is Biology. However, it offers many different majors as well. The school is known for it's diversity of the students as well as providing classes that emphasize the importance of ethics. It has a core cucciculum which are classes that need to be taken in order to gradute. The core introduces the sudent to a virety of different subjects which will help them later on in life no matter what their major is.


Well I attend Loyola University and it is very well known for its programs involving medicine. I actually attended this school because of its Nursing Program, which is by the way the states best. If you have a major involving Medicine of some sort, Loyola University is the school to choose!!!


Their Forensic Science department is well known and appraised.


My school is best known for the oppourtunities it provides it students. The city provides us with many resources that are valuable for our classwork and our growth as individuals. We are able to find tools that will help build our resume and provide us with rich experiences such as ample voulenteer ouppourtunities. Most of all the helpful, avalable teachers at Loyola help us advance in our knowledge and our life providing us with the oppourtunity to succeed.


The school's medical program is renowned and so is it's ethics-it is a very diverse school as well.


They are best known for their law and medical disciplines, particularly with the diversity offered with their own world-class medical center and another campus located in the heart of down town Chicago.


For being Chicago's only Jesuit University.


Loyola University Chicago is best known for the vast amount of opportunities it provides for its students and staff. The University has a dedicated mission to help its students seek God, not only through prayer, but also through learning and community service.


It is a school known to have an excellent program for students entering the health sciences.


Without a doubt, Loyola is known for its excellence in the sciences. This can blatantly be seen by the large percentage of students who choose to major in biology. Luckily this fits me perfectly, as I also plan on majoring in biology and psychology. This is not to say Loyola lacks in other departments. However its fame comes from the well-rounded, yet specific, education that it offers its students.


My school is known best for its medical program. There are an abundance of avenues to take within the medical field and Loyola University Chicago has one of the best medical programs in all of Illinois!


Loyola is a Jesuit school and I can not recall what magizine it was, but the school is also known for it's high value in ethics.


Loyola is best known for conscientious, diligent workers in both faculty and students.


Loyola's medical campus is accomplished and attracts many undergraduates. Most of my peers in the Honors Program are biology majors or somehow involved in the pre-medical or pre-health programs. Non-academically, Loyola is very well known for its location in the heart of Chicago. Students can easily take the public transportation downtown and most visitors to the school consider making this trip a necessity. Loyola draws many science-area majors and students who wish to live in the big city.


This school is best known for its high cost of tuition, and the well academic standing of the school. It really is a good school, that in order to attend you have to work hard!


It's academic standing as well as its environmentally conscious attitude. It built an entire building, the Information Commons, that is almost completely green.


Being close to downtown Chicago.


Our school is best known for it's location and nursing. We have one campus that is right on the lake with a gorgeous view, and the other campus is situated right downtown, just off of the Magnificent Mile. We are also known for our nursing program; I've met several students who are in it and most people who know Loyola know about nursing.


Our academics and our job placement ratings. It's a magnificent school.


Loyola is best known for being exceptive, with most of it?s students being pre-med, and coming from private Catholic high schools and high income families.


It is famous for being the only Jesuit university in the Chicago area.


Definately a beautiful campus. We're mostly known for our location/"it's cooler by the lake." At times I feel as though we focus too much on how our campus appears yet I rarely ever see students just "chillin'." Everyone seems to be lost in their thoughts, clutching their books to their chest, trying to get to class on time. I guess you can say that it is known for it's picture perfect scenery, yet everyone is simply too worried about getting something done on time or crashing for a test. Where'd the fun in education go?




Our school is best known for our pre-med program/science programs


medicine/ pre med program


business school is in the heart of chicago. A lot of the programs in the school of business are nationally ranked. Soccer teams win their conference every year usually


Our school is known for it's dedication to the surrounding communinity and the great education that is offered to it's students. Not, only do they strive to be the best they can be; they have a great suppor system from the faculty and staff. Loyola is tough; however, with the right amount of determination many different types of students are able to succeed.


Definitely nursing, pre-med. But our theatre department is up-and-coming. Also I think our business school is making a name for itself too.


medical field, nursing and pre-med


A lot of people go for pre-med or pre-law. In the city of Chicago


Our school is best known for its business program.


Loyola is best known for its architecture and ambitious projects, such as the new Information Commons building. It combines panoramic views of the lake while being one of the most eco-friendly buildings in the city.




We are the nation's largest Jesuit University and we have a nationally ranked business, law, and medical school along with a phenomenal nursing program. We are known for our health care.


Excellent pre-med program, psychology, nursing, business, and medical school.


The nursing program is really great here and for all the girls! Loyola has a ton of girls.


Pre-med program and being just slightly out of Chicago yet having one of the best possibilities of getting jobs in Chicago. 2 campuses: one in Chicago on Michigan Ave, one 20 minutes north of Chicago. can have classes at both campuses.




Loyola is best known for being a liberal arts school, but with growing recognition in the field of business.