Loyola University Chicago Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person that should attend this university is someone who earned scholarships and lives near Chicago.


Anyone serious about continuing their academic career should attend Loyola. Those looking to build life-long relationships while preparing for a future career should look into this school.


Someone who is grounded yet would love to soar. The campus is what secured me to the ground and allowed me realistic, analytical introspection; the city is what keeps you curious. It's a perfect juxtoposition of a small, intimate environment contained within a richly-historic, beloved city. The school keeps your mind sharp and attuned; the city keeps you on your toes, your eyes keen. I'm speaking as a native Angeleno - Chicago made me broad-shouldered, like it should. Chicago is tough, with humility and a practical grace that I have not experienced anywhere else.


A hard-working, academically driven student should come to Loyola. Loyola is not the place for big partiers since campus security is very strict and there is not a big party atmosphere around campus.


People who are looking to attend a relatively diverse school just 20 minutes away from downtown Chicago who are also looking for somewhat of an academic challenge as well as a very accepting atmosphere even with older students.


Loyola University Chicago is an incredibly unique university. A person who values diversity and the value of individuality in a strong community would thrive at Loyola. There is a focus on the education of the whole person, and Loyola promotes the development of intelligent, caring, well-rounded people. Anyone looking to grow in all areas of his/her life, not just academically, would fit in at Loyola.


Students that come to Loyola should expect to work hard and participate in the career services that the school sets up for you. It is an expensive university, take advantage of the many opportunities to spruce up your resume, expand your intellect, and mature as a young adult; make the most of the money you'll spend on tuition. Chicago is an awesome city, take advantage of the opportunities that Loyola sets up for you to get to know Chicago better, even if you're a native like me.


If you are looking for a party school DON'T go here! Yes we charge for cups and you will need a fake by september of freshmen year if you want to go out to the bars. If drinking isn't your thing however Chicago is an awesome city culturally and if you are interested in business or nursing Loyola could be a great fit.


The best students who attend Loyola are those who work hard to succeed. While all the courses vary greatly in their workload, they all focus on superior acheivement. Students here are quite diverse and enjoy doing a range of activities, so incoming students will fit better if they are open. While it is also great to know your path before entering college, Loyola is a great place to help figure that out. Students here need to be outgoing in order to take advantage of what life has to offer.


Someone who would enjoy living in the city by the lake. Also, a person that likes smaller class sizes. Loyola is a private school and students get more chances for one on one conversations and meetings with their teacher if they are not understanding the material. Therefore, students who would like the idea of having no trouble when it comes to meeting with a teacher for extra help should attend Loyola. Also, the school is for motivated people who want to suceed and follow their dreams. Loyola will proide you with the resources and attention to achieve that.


Students planning to attend Loyola University Chicago should be driven to work beyond what is expected. Students should focus on achieving their highest potential in academics and extra curricular activities. Therefore, a person planning to attend Loyola should be able to achieve the extraordinary success Loyola emphasizes. A prospective student should be committed to the promotion of diversity, justice, and ethics in our community along with performing well academically. This can be accomplished by pairing up community service and internships with academics. Loyola students constantly strive to perform well academically while promoting diversity, justice, and ethics in the community.


This school has a diverse student body so I think any type of student could fit in. Many students live in the city, but there is also a significant number of students who commute to school. Because students live in such diverse areas, I found that most individuals were extremely welcoming. You can sit down in a class on the first day and the person sitting next to you will start a conversation with you and he/she will be genuinely interested in what you have to say - there is definitely a "rambler" community at Loyola!


A person who is looking for a strong sense of independence and who is seeking a well rounded curriculum that places a great deal of emphasis on core values that Loyola believes a student should possess.


The type of person that should attend Loyola is a dedicated student ready to dive into the books and learning process. If one can focus themselves on studies, not only will they be receiving the best education, but also preparing themselves for the challenges that face them outside the college campus in terms of jobs, services, and giving back to the community.


A person who really cares about society, community, service and not just pride of attending a great university


A student who attends Loyola should be very studius because the curriculum is difficult, but it is also very manageable. There are a variety of courses to choose from for your major but there is a lot of general education classes, so if the person doesn't know exactly what to do yet it gives some breathing room to figure it out. Also, the person should be willing to participate with things on campus and should have a lot of school spirit because Loyola has a lot of activity that are fun to get involved in.


Really, it is quite difficult to create a specific stereotype for a "Loyola student." I have seen all types of people attend my school and eventually, they all find where they belong. Everyone makes friends they like, get involved in activities of their interest, and ultimately end up studying what they love (whether it takes them 7 major changes or not!). All in all, a student will find their own path at Loyola University and hopefully end up loving it like I do. The only quality a person should have if attending Loyola would be to love the city life!


Loyola University Chicago is a jesuit University, yet depite its religious affiliation, the school is surprisingly diverse. Loyola offers an array of clubs for any religion, view, or lifestyle and will accept and embrace each individual. Don't let the fact that Loyola is a Jesuit University scare prospective non-Jesuit students away, the University even provides classes for each religion to broaden students' perspectives. The University holds high educational standards and requires that all students enroll in a core curriculum, so that by graduation, each student will have a strong knowledge about the world around them.


I believe Loyola is for students that are focused and serious about college. A student doesn't neccesarily have to know what they want in life because after attending Loyola you will discover new things about yourself and what you may want your role in life to be. But a student does have to have a desire and determination to succeed.


A person who is driven and looking for a diverse population should attend this school.


Anyone who wants to get somewhere in life


Anyone who wants to get a good education and have many many doors open for them after they graduate Loyola University Chicago!


A hard working, social person. Needs to know how to manage time well.


A person who is extremely passionate about people, living in diversity, exploring the world, and their career choice should attend Loyola. It is not a school for people who are not serious about making a difference in the world, and who want to party their way through college. Instead, people who consider life and learning a valuable thing would excel greatly at Loyola. In addition, this is a school for people who want to serve others in life and not just themselves.


Some one that likes the city life but wants to live on a campus. A pre-med or pre-law student. Some one that will take their education seriously (it's very expensive!)


Self motivated, focused person who's open to new ideas and is comfortable with bad weather, city life and isn't too concerned about having a typical "college" experience.


A person who has money or high enough requirements to receive scholarships shoudl attend this school. A person who is well rounded being social as well as academically focused should go here.




This school is good for students who want a well-rounded education where they are still allowed to focus on their preferred area of study. Also, students looking for smaller class sizes will like Loyola.


The people that seem to fit in most go out and get drunk almost every weekend. They also work hard during the week. From a physical standpoint, there is an emphasis on health. The main type of person that I see in school are white girls who are self-concious about their weight. It also doesn't hurt to be rich


Education & learning as piorities.


Someone who wants a good, healthy balance of fun and schoolwork. Also a great thing to live in Chicago, right on the lake. Loyola' pretty open to all types of people so there is not necessarily a kind of person.


Anyone that likes small school and are willing to work hard.


Someone who is willing to put a lot of hard work into not only their own education, but in building their involvement in the community. It is important to realize that you are bettering yourself to become a stronger and better citizen of the world, and that it is your right to an education so you can help others who cannot obtain it.


Anyone that feels they become overwhelmed with a larger school setting. Someone who is practices their religion on a normal basis would find Loyola to be a great fit for them. If this individual is looking to play a sport at Loyola, being a Division One athletics program, there is much competition offered. There aren't many fraternities or sororities but they are available for those that enjoy that. Finally, not having a football team does have its benefits of focusing on other areas of athletics for fans and putting more money and attention into those sports.


Anybody that is willing to work hard for themselves and others to advance their academic knowledge.


motivatd to do well and do something with their lives. if you're going to slack off don't even think about coming to loyola.


All kinds of people are pretty much invited to attend this school based on any of the following: race, sexual orientation, gender, etc. Everyone is invited because the school is so diverse and everyone is friendly towards each other. Rarely do we have disputes based on some sort of bias or prejudice.


Someone who loves the city! Loyola is a great school and I think it gets over shadowed sometimes by other Chicago schools. It has a beautiful campus and is right on the lake. The professors here are great, I have only had 1 or 2 that I did not like at all. Classes are fairly small and it is really easy to make friends.


Many people have differente backgrounds. Loyola's alma matter reads of diversity in religion and race indicating that anyone who is born can be a part of the loyola family.


Attend this school if you love being close to a city. Also, traditional education values are necessary since so many core classes are needed.