Loyola University Chicago Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Loyola University Chicago is a place for people who are motivated and inspired by people around them everyday. Those who attend Loyola are constantly striving to be the best they can be, in an environment that really promotes discovering yourself and your own passions. Loyola has wonderful opportunities for the people who choose to attend; a plethora of study abroad options, research opportunities, and tons of clubs celebrating the diversity within Loyola. In summary, the kind of person who attends Loyola University Chicago leaves as the best version of themselves.


Anyone not willing to put in the time and effort that is required to be a successful graduate. Loyola has high standards, and anyone who cannot meet them should not be looking at this school.


A person who is looking for a "state school" feel. Loyola is a unique school in that sense. The campus is a tight-knit, small community situtated in a large urban setting. Somebody who is looking for a big state school with an active "Greek life" or "party scene" would not find that readily at Loyola. However, there are social events and it largely depends on the individual looking for them.


A hard partier who does not care about school should not go here.


If you are the type of person that is lazy and does not like to volunteer then you should reconsider what college you shopuld attend to. If you do not want to learn anything about any religion, then you might have some problems within classes since its a requirement.


Students who are concerned mostly with partying should not attend this school.


I dont believe there is anyone who should not go to Loyola everyone is welcome. There is such a diverse group of people at this university that anyone could feel at home all you need is a desire to learn and better yourself


I believe anyone who has a desire for knowledge and success should attend. The only person that should not attend Loyola University Chicago is one which lacks motivation to study and be successful. Loyola University Chicago offers a large variety of classes and opportunities in general. Being a freshman, I am surprised every day by how much Loyola University Chicago has to offer. I find something new about this university every day I am there.


Young motivated students with a passion for success and a love of the big city should attend Loyola.


A person needs to be focused, driven and attune to successfully attend Loyola. The professors are wonderful and they continually stimulate your imagination and your willingness to go the extra mile in being successful not only in their classes but in all your classes and in your future endeavors.


Those looking for a rich sports tradition may be disappointed, as Loyola University of Chicago's sports programs do not recieve as much attention as other school's. While the school offers a variety of clubs and organizations, they may operate on a smaller scale in comparison with larger schools. Loyola also attracts a large amount of pre-medical students and is known for its School of Business as well. Though Loyola offers a good variety of academic programs outside these areas, they may not be as big compared with other schools.


If your looking for the wild college experience this is definitely not the place. It is pretty low key with the whole party scene. The students who attend here wish to actually attain a degree and not make waste of our $40,000 yearly tuition and board.


This school is good for students who are dedicated to their education and know they want to get somewhere in life. This is not a place for someone who is going to slack off or procrastinate because the pace is fast and you have to be ready for to take it on,


I would say that someone who is not really serious about their coursework should not attend this school since Loyola is a very academic-heavy school. Someone looking to play sports in college could, obviously, still attend and possibly recieve scholarships as well, but if they lack academically they will not be "cut any slack" just because they are participating in a sport. Don't come here if your not serious about doing well in school: there are a lot of core classes you're required to take and you have to pass them if you want to graduate.


Loyola has something for just about everyone. However, if a student is looking for a very rigorous program, the student should probably not go to Loyola. Although Loyola is academically challenging, students who are driven by pressure an intensive academics may not feel they are not getting their money's worth.


People who are not serious or dedicated.


A person who is not determined to get an excellent education. This school is one of the best, and has an excellent academic atmosphere. Loyola University Chicago is a great school that gives you credentials to become successful in the future!


The kind of people who shouldn't attend this school are the ones who aren't focused and don't take their career paths seriously.


Those into college sport... Loyola is not very school spirited


Loyola University Chicago is a very small school that is located on the north side of Chicago. It does have a branch located in the heart of the city so any person who does not like the hustle and bustle of a big city should not attend Loyola, even on the north side, it still has the soundtrack of the city. Loyola is also a very small school. Located within a city block, the university has approximately eight thousand undergraduates. Any student who is looking for a large university and a slightly quieter campus should look elsewhere for choices.


A person whose primary goal in college is to party every weekend, who does not want to take their academics or their career seriously, and who wants to attend a large university and on a large campus.


Someone who is majoring in the fine arts because our department is relatively small. Someone who is looking for a traditional state school experience that involves fraternities, sororities, beer pong, football, and minimal effort.


Someone that isn't ready to work hard and give it lots of time outside of class. Also someone that has a hard time with arguing about religion or views, because many will not share your relgion or same views..especially teachers.


I believe this school is best for everyone. Everyone is friendly and it is a very open place.


If you don't like the city, Loyola is not for you. If you want a "college town" feel, Loyola is not for you. If you love sports, Loyola is not for you. If you expect to party all the time, Loyola is not for you. If you don't plan on attending class or working hard for your grades, Loyola is not for you.


You shouldn't attend Loyola if you are looking for an awesome social life. The school is focused on studying hard and doing well so you can get a good job one day. There are not designated frat or sorority houses and there are only a few bars around campus to go to. If you don't want to study a lot and be focused on your schoolwork first, this is not the school for you.


Someone who doesn't like the big city life or public transportation.


People who plan on living on-campus should attend Loyola. The school is very expensive and it is hard for commuters and students with jobs, like me, to get involved and get their money's worth. That said, if you are motivated and and serious about whatever field you want to go into, this school is always worth checking out. Most professors are passionate about their subject and do what they can to help all the students they have.


Somone who really likes to go out and meet a lot of people. It's super difficult to do so.


Almost everyone can fit in at Loyola; however, one is only able to succeed if they dedicate themselves to their coursework. Loyola is known for it's diverse community that enjoys giving back to the surrounding area. If one has no desire to do these things then, perhaps, Loyola may not be the perfect match.


smart people.


A person who is not interested in the welfare of the community in which they live in whether it be their home town or the global commmunity, should not attend loyola university. Even if you feel like you've had no place in a community, once you enter Loyola University, it puts you on the forefront of the issues and promotes your involvement. Loyola University is wonderful place for a person of a caring nature and with strong ideals for a better future.


People that shouldn't attend this school are students that enjoy socializing with other people. The school is very uptight, and people are reluctant to help others, let alone actually socialize. While I have tried initiating conversations and meeting new people, my attempts have all failed. In some instances, people have been downright mean. If you like to meet new people, party, and have a fun, memorable time in college, I would strongly suggest you do NOT attend Loyola University Chicago.




One that just wants to party their college away. You will be challenged on an achedemic, moral, and physical level, throug the curiculum, Jesuit philosophies, and cold weather. Anyone looking for a comfortable college expereince should no go here.


Anyone who isn't open to new ideas or new people. This school is very diverse. Also, anyone who isn't ready to work hard for a quality education. The classes can be difficult, but they are completely worth the effort.


Someone who is not used to working hard, being proactive or planning.


The person who should not attend this school is someone who is actively pursuing varsity level sports like football, baseball ect and a person who just wants to party all of the time.


Artsy and serious


Anyone and everyone can attend Loyola University. The school is known for its diverse student body and ethnic make-up. Moreover, although Loyola University is considered a Jesuit University, the school supports all areas of religion. In addition, the school offers opportunities for all academic pursuits by offering numerous campuses and programs for a wide variety of studies. The school also has a plethora of extracuricular activities and varsity athletics to satisfy any active lifestyle.