Loyola University Chicago Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Loyola University Chicago?


The most frustrating thing about this university is the inter campus shuttle bus doesn’t run on the weekends.


The most frustrating thing at Loyola would have to be how many opportunities and clubs there are available to students. Loyola has a variety of wonderful and exciting clubs for students to get involved in, but sometimes the clubs aren't very diciplined with holding weekly meetings. At Loyola I think joining a club or activity takes much more effort and planning than I was used to in high school, so prospective students should be aware that it takes more effort to be committed to an activity you enjoy.


The lack of classes and the overall sense that no one cares. It's why I am transferring to Loyola.


The most frustrating thing about Loyola would be that unlike most Universities this one is always Reconstructing their buildings and infrastructure. On one such day I was walking to class to find out they are now remodeling part of the Workout facilities so I had to take a detour down their bright red path which, has beautiful trees and flowers along it. This is the only thinf that is frustrating about Loyola. If you can handle beautiful scenery and detours then you are in luck!


It is expensive to attend. Struggle to get enough financial aid


Definitely the tuition! The increasing rate of a college education is ridiculous, and while Loyola is generous with scholarships and there is financial aid available, it's still hard to make ends meet and pay for the crazy tuition, WHICH KEEPS INCREASING EVERY YEAR while the scholarship does not. Unfortately, I have had to take out loans; something that I had hoped to avoid in undergrad.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the enormous amounts of requirements for the CORE Curriculum Program. There are many programs that should not even be required. Also, the CORE requirements are not all exactly basic-level courses, so it is easy for some one majoring in a science to get stressed out. If you come to Loyola, make sure to stay on top of registration to get the best classes.


Again, I would have to say the social life


I always register late because I have trouble paying everything off on time. It causes me not to get the classes that I want or need and has now hurt me in the long run.


the amount of money i have to pay per semester, and there is not a lot of diversity