Loyola University Chicago Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


Loyola gives GREAT scholarships, and that was my #1 reason to go. I got the Presidential Scholarship, which is 50% off of tuition. You don't need the highest GPA or ACT score to get this. You can get it with about 3.5 GPA and about 28 on your ACT as long as you have a good essay and some extracurriculars to show off. Loyola is also in Chicago, which is a city bustling with life and opportunities for growth, learning, and having fun! Lots of museums, parks, different areas to explore, bars, restaurants, lounges, theaters, and organizations to get involved with! I didn't want to live in the cornfields, so I picked Loyola because it's not exactly downtown, so it still has somewhat of a college-town feel, but it's close enough where you can escape and be a Chicagoan


A Sophomore talks about why he picked Loyola. Chicago! Theater! Fun!


Josh tells the world how he picked Loyola. His reasons are fascinating!


I tell the story how my counselor sold me on Loyola