Loyola University Maryland Top Questions

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Loyola's campus is absolutely gorgeous. Even though it is located in Baltimore city, the facilities team keeps the campus at perfection. Not only that, but students and professors take advantage of the open areas to play games, hold classes, take photographs, and do work. The school offers as much as it can in order to incorporate every single student that goes here. No matter what your size, gender, race, etc., everyone is included here.


The aspect of community service is very strong at Loyola. They have many outlets for community involvement. Also I enjoy the smaller classes of only about 20 students. The class discussions are very in depth and interesting. Also the school's campus is gorgeous and the surrounding area is just as well.


I chose Loyola over the other schools because of the on campus housing, the low student to professor ratio, and the close proximity to the inner harbor of Baltimore. Other schools did not offer every student on campus housing for four years which was important to me as well as the beautiful state of the art dorms and apartments that are offered here. I also loved the fact that they offered a 5 year masters program in Clinical Psychology which is what I want to do. The professors care for their students and go out of the way to help.


its a small school with small classes. teachers are always looking out to help students and are usually easily accessible


My school has a great study abroad program in Newcastle, England that I participated in and fully enjoyed my junior year of college.


It is in the an urban section a city, great gym, excellent education dept, business school is very well known on the East Coast, it was the most expensive


The Jesuit ideals of the school make community service and social justice a big focus on campus. This is seen in all aspects of the school through service-learning classes, education of social justice issues in classroom and many other settings, and many student-run organizations with emphasis on social justice and service to those in need in Baltimore's community. The school aims to have strong ties with local community agencies, organizations, and neighborhoods.


The amount of money they give and the quality of the dorms make it unique.


It is quaint as in that it has a beuatiful quad yet it is less than 10 minutes from one of the most interesting cities.


There are amazing career opportunities! The education and resources here are much greater than many other colleges. after I graduate I am not stressed about finding a job or getting accepted into a grad school. I love the part of the city that we live in and the housing is number one in the nation!