Loyola University Maryland Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The majority of students come from very sheltered and wealthy families. It was hard to understand how many of them never had to work before or during college. They also clicked together and would live extravagantly - in ways most college students cannot afford.


There is not enough diversity among students


On-campus clubs for the racially, sexually, and ethnically diverse often flew under the radar. Over the course of my 4 years at Loyola I did notice an increase in diversity amongst the underclassmen and a huge growth in the aforementioned clubs. Additionally, from the outside everyone may seem fashionable, and yes, the students like to party, but the commodary, dedication to service, personality differences, and overall love for the Loyola community trumps that bad reputation more that many people realize. I'd like to see that misconception change in the future.


The only thing that I wish had been different about Loyola College of Maryland while I attended is that I wish it had been more diverse. I felt that the population was mostly Irish Catholic.


The worst thing about my school it that a lot of the students go out to bars on the weekend and come back drunk.,


cookie-cutter image, lack of diversity, catholic/conservative bias, no football or good basketball, stuck-up privileged students, lack of care for true learning or knowledge, the comfort zone, the over-the-top living, expensive, pompous, skinny-boy with a second chance attitude


The worst thing about my school is the tuition., it is a lot of money to pay and sometimes it feels like it's not worth it.


There is a lack of divestification.


The lack of diversity and spirit.


it is extremly expensive!


The worst thing about my school would be the cost of tuition.


clicky groups of people. Some people are snotty because they can be.


The fact that there is not much school spirit. I think that it is becasue our biggest sport is lacrose which is a spring sport, so by that time, no one cares anymore.


binge drinking. most of the kids are working on daddy's money and have lots of it to throw around. This money factor also applies to the brand name cars and clothing that the students constant sport.


The worse thing about school is the lack of community on campus. There are a million clicks whose focus is primarily on material things. Most of the students come from very weathy families which makes a gap between those who are going to school with daddy's money and those who are serious about their education. Even though there are amazing students who attend, they are hard to find and you won't find them at the usual hang outs like the local bars.


I think the lack of diversity is one of the worst things about my school. Considering in the mission statement it claims to be all about diversit y mentioning ALANA (minority programs/clubs on campus) in its statment. The college is almost 90% populated from upperclass withe suburban kids with common ideals. To have a mission statement about diversity and then have no diversity in the college is hypcritical. Far more than half the population has not even heard of ALANA, which is very unfortunate.