Loyola University Maryland Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you are a driven person who takes a lot of pride in becoming involved with extracurricular activities, then Loyola is the school for you. There are so many opportunities to have an impact on both the Loyola and greater Baltimore community. If you enjoy being part of a cohesive student body, then Loyola will be a good fit.


Someone who cares about being part of a community. I got an amazing education, but the community is what made my time at Loyola special. The school cares about bringing students together and it shows.




People who are comfortable with themselves enough to be part of the crowd but also to stand apart when needed. Students should be bright and self-motivated, but also know how to have fun.


Upper-middle class, white, conservative, subborn, looking for people of the same background, christian valued, drama driven, small school type, plainly good looking, dave mathew's band lovers, boat shoes wearing, children of doctors and lawyers, monotonous, not looking for school sports pride, business driven, republicans, momma's boys, drivers of nice cars, big drinkers, some hippies rebels with machine parents, track people, swimmers, "good children," lack of respect for authority


Most people at this school are white and middle class. Almost everyone dresses up for class and goes out on the weekends and often on weekdays as well. People here are outgoing and like to socialize.


business-oriented, extremely outgoing, interested in helping others (loyola is jesuit)


Everyone should have the opportunity


A person who is middle class, likes living in a city, is business, bio, psych, or education major, who likes to drink and socialize at bars and who likes to do community service


someone very preppy


Really any one can attend. Most students are preppy and usually wealthy but there are a number of students who are not. If you love a smaller school feel this is a great place to be, the classes aren't too big to be personal.


Kids who couldn't quite get into Georgetown or BC but still do well and want good jobs after college


A go -getter typr of person should attend this school. Make it your Loyola is the unofficial motto here at Loyola and it is truly accurate. If you do not make things happen at Loyola then you will not see all the potential it has for you. Loyola has many opportunities but oly if you take advantge of them. Loyola is very eager to see students creat or do something new, so if you want to see it then make it happen.