Loyola University New Orleans Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Loyola focuses on not on educating its students, but transforming them into compassionate adults who value social justice. My professors incoporated Jesuit principles into lessons in every discipline and my peers challenged me to be a better student.


I consider the best things about my school to be its liberal arts grounding with a Jesuit foundation. Even as a non-religious individual, I can appreciate the themes and values and see them reflected in the professors, students, and coursework.


Loyola has a very rich cultural atmosphere. The city of New Orleans brings together a highly diverse group of people and I have learned so much from them. I have friends, classmates, and professors from all over the country and several from outside the country. I am from Honolulu, Hawaii and as much as Louisiana is nothing like my home town, I am always comfortable at Loyola.


The best thing about Loyola University New Orleans is that it is located in the city of New Orleans. Not much other than the location caused me to go there. Loyola is a school that is for you only if you can fit into a certain niche such as a fraternity, soroity, the fratboy/ soroity girl crowd, the hippie crowd, or the social liberal crowd. If you do not fit into this crowd, do not attend.


The best thing about my university is the kind of people that go there. I know that seems like a common answer, but there is something to be said about the students and the faculty at Loyola. Whether they are actually Roman Catholic or not we all have a lot of the same drive and standards for ourselves and our studies. We care about our goals and where we want to go in life and we like to have fun while we do it. Within the first month we became a family, even the freshmen.


The best thing about Loyola is the diversity and understanding. Of course there is always going to be a few ignorant people, but one learns a lot about the other people that attend Loyola. One learns a lot about other cultures and other people's way of living, and by learning, stereotypes are broken.


I love the small classes and being able to get that one on one learning experience. It makes me feel very connected with the class and also makes it alot easier to participate in discussions and get help from my professors when i have a question or problem.


The Best thing about Loyola is that it is the perfect place for those who go there. You fall in love with the campus, the people, everything. Here we learn to think critically and act justly.


The best thing about my school is the size. By loyola being such a small school students are able to recieve more attention from teachers


The best thing about Loyola University New Orleans is the community atmosphere. Loyola is small enough that students and faculty members know each other.


The best thing about Loyola is the support you get from classmates. Sure, we all want to beat each other's grades, but if you need help you get it. I have never felt alone while at Loyola.




It is an open learning environment with a constant flow of ideas. It is a very engaging environment and a place that makes even the most difficult subjects easy to learn.


I believe that the size of the school is ideal, because it allows for more faculty/student interaction. At Loyola, teachers get to know their students. They know your name; you aren't just a number like at big state schools. The small size of the university also allows you to meet and get to know many of your classmates. The only disadvantage of a small school, is that you don't have the wide variety of course options, but the school lets you take courses at the other universities under the consortium.


the Professors are available for questions, small classes, and personal atmosphere.


the intemacy of the school. OI get to meet and see people on a daily bases. it's not to big where i meet new people everyday but not to small where I see the same people everyday.


Our economics professors, and really the majority of our business professors, are free market advocates. Their theories/philosophies actually make sense, and although the policy decisions that these views would imply are not popular politically, they would be the best ones for our county.


There is a great atmosphere and the music program especially puts people into the real world where they can actively use the things they learn in school. The city allows for great access to practical application of what we learn in school.


I adore our beautiful campus, it's fantastic. Besides that, we have everything it seems. Good food, great people, an awesome staff, friendly professors, there isn't a thing I dislike about Loyola.

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