Macalester College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


While it can be comforting to be around so many like-minded people, it also creates what is often referred to as "the bubble." That is, it's easy to forget that a world outside of campus exists. This makes entry into the world post-graduation rougher, as you are suddenly faced with a different reality.


There is a strong emphasis on volunteer work and being environmentally responsible, but only on the surface, this means that most of the students are satiated by this and feel no need to go against administrative decisions that go against that focus. While it is good that the college has this focus, it is terrible for it to slowly shift away from it without any challenges from the student body, and the faculty.


The school is too inconsistent with its services. Food can be either great or lousy. School-sponsored social events usually are based on diverse and offbeat concepts, which can be very hit-or-miss. The student body is hard to consider attractive. Many of the attractive people usually are either quickly in relationships or have relationships with someone from their home or high school.


lack of intellectual diversity


There are some great things about having a small school, but a fabulous social life isn't one of them. I love my friends, and wouldn't trade the ones I have met here for anything, but I sometimes wish that there were more people here in order to make it feel like a more complete community.


The domestic and international kids don't mix much.


Too cold.