Macalester College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


hippies/kids of hippies, students smoke a lot of pot, pretty dorky, students are very liberal, macalester is hard academically


The Hippy, "let's save the world" type of student.


that students are socially awkward, very intellectual, environmentally conscious, interested in travel, internationally and globally aware


They are rich hippies


Macalester students are not interested in athletics. Macalester students are very liberal and are activists. Macalester students are snotty, shallow, and don't care about the opinions of anyone but those most like them


that everyone is a liberal American hippy or a techno-loving crazy international


That we're a bunch of crazy radical activist hippies. That we're godless. That we're smart.


People are socially awkward, a little pompous, in your face about their worldly achievements, decrees about the world, overtly politically correct, internationally ambitious but often it appears in a very self-gratifying sort of way, rich, liberal.


People generally think the typical Macalester student is smart, trendy, and extremely liberal. The general reputation (at least in the past) suggests that Macalester students are also heavy drug-users (particullarly regarding marijuana). Macalester is also known for its large international student body and its commitment to the global community.


Birkenstock wearing, clove smoking, tree hugging vegetarians. Extremely smart. They wear clothes from Good Will even though they can afford the hippest brand-names. Bad at sports.


Macalester is full of a bunch of chill, fun, hippy-ish people who smoke weed all the time and are pretty relaxed. We put more emphasis on experiencing the full spectrum of what college has to offer than on just academics, and are open to new things and people. We are extremely varied and multicultural and in touch with the community.


That we are hippies who don't shave our legs and can only see an argument from the liberal perspective


That Mac students are worldly and open-minded. People tend to think that Mac students are inherently intelligent and intellectual people that readily accept and integrate new ideas.


Macalester students are still viewed the same way they were in the '60's; as long haired, vegan, unwashed, communist hippies.


That macalester students are hippies, druggies and weirdos.


Stereotypes are that most Macalester students are very liberal, nerdy, really into academics, and not into sports at all. Also that they're very politically correct.


We're all a bunch of hippies.


Macalester students are awkward, and love school.


very liberal, hippies, smart, dont party


I think that people may think of Macalester students as ultra-hipster nerds, who are very progressive and are always trying to fight the institution...which is true to an extend. As an college I think people rightly perceive Macalester as a challenging academic environment, but one where professors and students have a great relationship.


That we care about everything


VERY liberal and kind of strange. There is also a stereotype that Macalester students are really awkward.


Everyone is a PC, Pot-smoking, Frisbee Playing Environmentalist


According to stereotypes, Macalester is full of super-awkward, super-liberal, super-rich nerds who have nothing better to do than protest and fight against the Man.


There are two main stereotypes conferred upon Macalester students: rich white kids with guilty consciences and rich international kids avoiding the reality of whatever developing country they come from. Of course, within these broad stereotypes you have sub-stereotypes--trust fund baby anarchists, upper-classmen transitioning from hippy to hipster, vegetarian lesbians, econ majors long over the debate between profit and know, the out, maybe multi-colored version of the intellectual clique at your high school.


The main stereotype about Macalester students is that we're all liberal activist hippies.


I think the standard stereotype of the students is that we are weird, pot-smoking super liberals. Another stereotype is that we are smart and very involved.


we are all pot-smoking crazy liberal hippies. all we do is study.


That we are all hippies, that we are all nerds (mostly true, that we are all pretty smart, that we are all activists and perhaps anti-American. I think the biggest stereotype is that we are a very socially conscious school.


Granola munchers and bleeding heart liberals. This is true to some extent, but most of the people here are phonies.


There's a definite idea that Macalester is this super-PC, super-liberal place.


Liberal, non-religious, a little wierd.