Macalester College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


One who is passionate about doing good in the world once they graduate.


The kind of student that should attend this school should be academically focused. There is no room for slacking at Macalester when academics are involved. A person who is liberal, open minded, and who have their opinions are welcomed here.


Intelligent, curious, open-minded, dedicated and hard-working, one who is looking for discussion-based classes and an extremely diverse setting inside and outside the classroom. Students attending Macalester who excel and enjoy it are those who are assertive in getting involved in organizations and activities and self- motivated to learn. Students absolutely must be open to learning about different cultures and being surrounded by people of various backgrounds.


A person who is open minded, cares about making a change in the world and who is motivated should attend this school. The academics here are not so easy so slackers not need attend.


Somone who is dedicated to their academic workload and will sacrifice social arrangements in order to prepare for classes.


Someone who is highly motivated to do well, but not necessarily an overachiever. It is very challenging academically, but that doesnt mean you have to spend all your time working on classwork. Along those lines, it is very easy to get help from tutors, your professors, or your classmates, and anyone can do well here.


A liberal person who doesn't expect a high-quality dating or social experience. There are no fraternities, and it is heavily focused on academics. Social activities usually take place among smaller groups of friends. It is not a varsity-oriented campus, but sporting events are usually supportive. Substance consumption is usually done in private, and the ability to get away with it depends on your RA.


Free-thinking, open-minded individuals who like small class sizes where they can communicate directly with peers and professors.


liberal, academically telented, driven, global


Tolerant, multicultural and willing to take their education into their own hands


Someone who is ready for not only an academic challenge, but also to be challenged morally and socially.


Someone looking to experience new things but motivated enough to search those things out on their own since it is easy to spend all your time with work.


Should? Anyone who wants to. Mostly the people who DO are either American hippie-types or international students who want to study Econ and who went to United World Colleges.


Alternative students who are adventurous and active in their futures.


A liberal person who's really smart and academically motivated but not obsessive. Somebody who wants to have fun with lots of different groups of people.


People who are interested in learning about theories that make them sound smart but are not applicable in the real world should attend this school. People who don't particularly value the quality of education they receive, but are looking for a college with a good reputation to put on their resume should look in to this one.


A very driven individual who's passionate about their interests and believes. Someone who loves mother nature and can deal with the extremely cold weather. Someone who loves the city, but prefers to be just far enough from the hustle and bustle. New age hippies, intellectual potheads, lesbians...


Liberal, open-minded, smart environmetnally friendly


People who should come to Mac are those with open everything: minds, ideals, etc. Those who are accepting of all types will be accepted here, whether you are an international student or someone from northern Minnesota. There are many smart people at Mac but it is not competitive. there is not a ton of athletic spirit but that has changed recently


Someone who has passion for something - apathy doesn't exist here - and who has done their research on what the school is, was, and will be about. A student also must know how to juggle a hundred activities next to homework, eating, and sleep; otherwise, you miss out on everything Mac has to offer.