Macalester College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I did my research. It's what I anticipated.


It's ok to not try to act ten plus years older than you are; teens and twenty-somethings are not yet responsible for the world. It's ok to enjoy school. Grades aren't actually everything, no matter how much they're stressed. You can be successful without being a straight A student.


Drinking is a large part of the social life at this school. By my sophomore year I was able to find some friends who were more conservative about there drinking habits, but during my freshman year I often felt out of place because I did not want to drink as heavily as other students at parties and social events.


I wish I had known that AP classes in highschool count for credits at Macalester, while CITS (college in the schools) classes taken in highschool do not.


Don't let people intimidate you - you'll gain their respect more by being yourself and saying what you believe than keeping quiet for fear of sounding stupid. Also, there will be some truly weird people, and they will be the school mascots, darlings, and legends, and know all the best parties. Get to know them. Be careful of making emphatic statements like, 'I will never,' or, 'I will always,' because before too long you will probably find yourself going against them, and it's less injurous to your pride if you allow for such an occurance.


How self-righteous some kids can get about their privilege. Just because you're at a liberal arts college doesn't give you a "get out of -ist problems free" card. You still have a responsibility to your minority peers - those of color, sexuality, faith, etc.