Macomb Community College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would've known exactly what higher education entailed of. There is a mindset that comes with the territory. If you don't possess it, along with a drive, will, & motivation to succeed, then now is not the time to pursue it. I learned that the hard way. Also, life experiences have taught that it pays to go ahead & get it out of the way asap. A lot of unnecessary hardships that I encountered would've been easily avoided if I would've known back then what I know now as it relates to college.


I wish I had listened to my parents more. They are right about so much because they have experienced so much. I wish I would have listened to all of the advice they gave me.


I wish i would have known how much books were going to cost. I knew college textbooks cost a lot of money, but not 100 to 200 dollars. Its very expensive to buy books and then you can only sell them back for a fraction of the price. I dont buy books from the bookstore anymore because of the ridiculous prices. I go online and buy whatever books i need now.


What I wish I had known in High school before entering college. The teachers you have in high school are only trying to help you become a successful student in college. The professors that you have in college are only interested in one thing, and that is teaching the information. I wish I would have applied myself in a way where I could easily understand time management, in a manor that would help me as I enter college courses allowing myself to become the best student I could be.