Madison Area Technical College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I tell people that this school is great for transistions, as well as degrees. MATC offers a wonderful liberal arts transfer program to transfer into the UW Madison. Every credit I take now will transfer to the UW, at WAY less cost. I am saving so much money compared to the UW students, and in the end I will be graduating with them for less. Plus the class sizes here are amazing as well as the professors. You have access to them and their knowledge, and do not have to talk to a student teacher INSTEAD of your professor.


Every class that I have been enrolled in was very well put together, and because they are smaller, there is a better chance of one on one time with the instructors. If there are ever any questions or concerns that I have, an Instructor or Madison Area Technical College staff member would be more than happy to assist me with no problem. Everyone in the building is friendly and prompt with their work and very dedicated to student services. As for instructors, they break down information so that its easier and quicker to catch on.


The teachers at my school have an enormous amount of real world experience in their fields. Most of the teachers only work at the college part-time and the rest of the time they are working at their other career. This allows them to teach students what it's really like to get employed in their field. This also helps student to make connections with people out in the employment market.


The facilities are very nice and there are many studying resources around every corner. Labs with new computers are around every corner. Since it is a technical school, the class sizes are smaller and the teachers are eager to help you succeed.