Madison Area Technical College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who is interested in large class sizes should not attend MATC. This school is small, which was great for me. But in some repect you are not able to have the "traditional" college experience.


who are not interested in education ....


MATC is an experience I believe anyone can benefit from. Many people I've met here ultimately plan on transferring to the nearby UW Madison, myself included, but this shouldn't undermine advantages MATC has over Madison. For one, the class sizes are very small; my largest is 25 students. This is great if one likes individual attention. My friend at UW Madison has a 500-student intro to psychology course! Secondly, the classes at MATC are also much cheaper, and the professors seem just as qualified. One down-side, however, is the lack of dormitories; apartments may be necessary.


A person with no direction in their life. You need to know what you want in life to get anywhere with your life. Don't just waste money by attending a whole bunch of classes that you're going to end up skipping. Figure out what you want in life and decide where you need to go from there.


Any person who is not motivated about their life or anyone who's extremely lazy should not attend this school. Moreover, person's who don't believe in education and just want to goof off and hinder any other person around them should not go to this school.


The kind of person on a free ride. Someone who really doesn't want or feel they need to be here, even though everything is being paid for, for them. The kind of person that has no motivation to get any work done and is satisfied with not furthering their education in hopes of getting the job they want and being of being any use to society.


A person who expects to just slack off or thinks that community colleges are easy an require minimal effort. A person cannot expect to do well at this college if they are going to skip classes, ignore homework assignments, and take exams without preparing beforehand.