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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


As a slacker in high school, I would have told my self that things aren't going to be as easy as many people make them out to be. Life isn't just handed to you like it is for other people, so don't slack off your last year because in the long run it isn't worth it. Yes, high school is not entirely a nesscesity, it does not prepare you for the real world as many of the teachers have said. So, don't give up, six months from your graduation you will be in one of the best colleges you had a pick from, and you made the right decision in going there. College is no picknick, you will have hard times, but as you push through it will come with ease. But you have to work for it, stop procastinating and do your work! The good news is that you are trying 100 times harder in college because it is something you want. It has been your dream since you were 10 to become what you are becoming today, so don't give up.


Try harder. I was a slacker in high school, didn't take things seriously and my life up until now has kind of reflected on that. I work a low pay retail job, I made the decision to go back to school because I wanted to better my life. It's only been a semester and a half but I'm loving life a lot more than I was before I went back.


The best advise I can give is to not lose yourself in what you're studying. It's important to do well in school and get your degree, but if you don't take time to do fun things for yourself, you're going to lose your mind. School is crucial to your success, but so is choosing your own path, and finding that one thing that your really passionate about and want to pursue. If there is a specific area in your field that interests you, dive into it on your own time and master it. The one mistake I've been making is, I have learned so much, and experienced so many different areas of my field, that I don't know what to focus on. It's good to know and do it all, but where your biggest sucess is going to come is from mastering something, and being a great people person in the process. The one thing I'm proud to have been told so many times is that, I am going to go places just because people like my personality and want to work with people like me. Be THAT person.


I would tell myself that success is a choice, not a gift or a talent. There are incredibly gifted and talented people in the world and they absolutely make the competition harder, but literally anyone can be successful if they put in the hard work. Everyone is on an equal playing field when they enter the real world. We are all human. We all have something we are passionate about. We can all work hard to complete our goals. Some may find goals before others, but if you just relax and perservere through the obstacles that come your way, you will succeed. There is a notion out there that only well off people can continue to prosper. This notion embraces some ridiculous concept of life long damnation. I have been told that because of one mistake, the rest of my life is ruined. This was absolutely false. Life is what I make it, and I am making it great. Absolutely anyone can do it. The real world doesn't care what anyone else thinks of you. It cares what you think about yourself. Believe in yourself. Find a purpose to your life. Live for it. The world will embrace you.


When I was a high school senior I was already taking full-time PSEO college courses, so I had a pretty good idea of what to expect from a college environment. However, the school where I was taking these courses was a community college and I did not have a clear goal in mind for what I would do afterwards. Now that I'm going to an institute specifically geared towards the career path I hope to one day be a part of, I would only say one thing to the high school me; put 100% into everything you do. Just because you completed the assignment doesn't mean it's something you're proud of. Any project or piece of homework is worth revisiting not just to make improvements, but to refresh your mind in what that project was designed to teach you. Aside from that, practicing this would build character. If this virtue was hammered into me at an early age I feel it would push me to put more effort into what I do and thusly I would find myself enjoying the work load rather than groaning at the thought of it.


I wish I could go back in time. I would sit myself down and have a nice long talk about school. I would tell myself not to listen to what other think and that I am smart. Smart enough to succeed in further schooling. I would dive into tthe importance of homewor and how I should always do it. I would tell myself it gets better and I should continue making videos. But I can't go back . I have to make up for the slacking off and no homework. But if I could I would.