Manchester University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Manchester College is best known for the individual attention provided by faculty to students.


My school is known for our peace studies program, which I am a part of. Manchester College was the first college to offer a major in Peace Studies. We are also known for our Biology-Chemistry (pre-med, pre-vet, etc) program. My school has very rigourous academics but it is still a very fun place to be.


My school is best known for graduating their students in four years.


Manchester College is known for various areas of study. The most well-known area of study is the education department. Accounting, pre-med and excercise science are other popular majors. Manchester is also known for the student-professor relationships. The professors at Manchester College work hard in getting to know their students individually. Manchester College is best known for allowing their students to participate in as many extra-curricular activities as their schedule allows. The professors, coaches, and leaders at Manchester College make all opportunities possible.


It is probably best known for being academically challenging.


Manchester College is best known for their accounting program I would think. It's a five year program which details a number of business correlated classes. known for it's prestige a student graduating with an accounting degree has the best chances for job placement.


My school has a very good education program, the campus is very small, and we often have a lot of school sponsored events on the weekends.


Manchester College is best known for the highly qualified graduates it puts out into the work force.


My school is best known for its academics. Many employers trust that we graduate with the best degree possible. The students start early getting experience in the field of study they have chosen. This allows them to gain the experience and make the decision to keep going with what they are studying. We , as students, feel well qualified when we graduate and are challenged everyday by our professors. Manchester College has some of the best academics around.

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